Top 5 Signs You Need a Window Replacement

October 25th, 2014

Windows are tough, and with routine maintenance, can have a pretty long service life. But they are not immune to wear and tear and eventual deterioration. Even with the highest level of care, there will come a time when problems in their structure or performance will make a window replacement necessary.

window replacement

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Has that time come for your windows? Below are the 5 most serious window problems, telltale signs that you need to have them replaced ASAP:

Sign #1: You feel a draft.

Even the best and newest windows will let in some amount of air, but it should never reach a level you can actually notice or feel. A slight draft may seem like a minor issue, but even one drafty window can throw off the temperature inside your home, making your HVAC system work twice as hard just to keep up. This will affect comfort levels in your living spaces and worse, cause a spike in your energy bills. (more…)

8 Tips for a Clean and Organized Home

October 22nd, 2014

The other day, a friend invited me home for an impromptu dinner after we both ended up working overtime on a Friday night. My house always needs a thorough round of cleaning and de-cluttering before guests come, so I expected her place to be equally messy when we reached there. But to my envy and surprise, Laura opened the door to a clean and sparkling home that spoke volumes of organized living.

home organization

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I dream of having a clean house and hence, could not restrain myself from asking her how she managed to maintain her house so clean, knowing that she was also juggling two active school-going kids, a demanding  9-to-5 job, volunteer work and much more. This is what she said. (more…)