Making the Right Decisions About Insurance for Home Improvement Projects

April 24th, 2014

Taking a few simple steps with insurance when you are making improvements to your home or remodeling can save you from worry and liability as well as save you money. How to prepare for a project depends on a number of different factors, but the first step is always to check with your own insurance agent and your current homeowners’ insurance policy.

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More than 65% of homeowners choose to hire a contractor and will do little or no work themselves, according to a survey by If this is true for you, before hiring a contractor, make sure they have the appropriate insurance, which is typically commercial general liability coverage. “An important step for homeowners is to get a copy of the contractor’s certificate of liability insurance and provide that to their own insurance agent so an expert can ensure it is appropriate for the work. Also homeowners should request that their names be added as an additional named insured on the contractor’s policy.” recommends Adam Friedenbacher, an agency producer at Dennis Collins Insurance.

Ways to Cut-down on Clutter in your Home

April 23rd, 2014

No matter how hard you try to keep your home a clean and tidy environment, it’s easy for items to start cluttering up your living space. Although it’s tempting to just let everything build up until you can tackle the tidying and cleaning in one sitting, there are much better – and easier – ways for you to cope with mess in your home. Here are some great tips to get you thinking about how to keep your home tidier for longer.


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1) Make sure everything has a proper home.
Whether it’s unopened letters next to your front door, or whether it’s your bedside tables that are covered in junk, there are lots of storage solutions for you to use in your home that can help you deal with mess. Take the time to have a look around your local shops to find boxes, bins, sorters, drawers and other items that can help you keep your home in shape. Once you have these in your home, it’s going to be more than easy to just pop letters, books and other odds and ends into a drawer and out of sight. This is a great way to keep your home looking tidy until you can have a proper sort out. (more…)

How-to Avoid a DIY Plumbing Disaster

April 22nd, 2014

More and more people are turning to DIY home repairs in the hope of saving a dollar or two. In many cases, doing your own repairs is not difficult and can indeed save you a considerable amount of money. However DIY repairs can cause accidents that may not only compromise your safety but also cause damage to your property. It is thus prudent to balance the cost of getting professional help with the potential cost of accidents, emergencies and repairs that may be necessitated by a botched DIY job.

DIY Plumbing

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Plumbing is one area in which a mistake can be disastrous as the potential for property damage is immense, no matter what kind of home you live in. So, if you’re thinking of attempting some DIY plumbing, here are some rules that can help you to avoid disaster. (more…)