DesignMine Monday: Cooling Down From the Summer Heat

July 28th, 2014

This week we are heading downstairs to the basement to escape from the summer heat. With temperatures rising now is the best time to stay inside and work on creating a space you’ll appreciate year round.

We’ve pulled some of our favorite DesignMine photos. Fair warning, there are a lot of pool tables but you will also see a number of ideas to get you started on your next home project.

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DesignMine Basement

Image credit: MD Cabinets via DesignMine


Kitchen Safety Tips

July 26th, 2014

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beach, have fun with friends, relax and cook outside. It is also the time when you have to guard your home from possible fire incidents. During summer, one of the most popular causes of home fires is outside cooking. Yes, those amazing grilling and barbecue moments may turn into a big nightmare if you are not careful enough.

grill safety

Image credit: USI Custom Outdoor Living via DesignMine

BBQ Fire Safety Tips

In order to prevent getting your house on fire, here are some BBQ tips that you should keep in mind:

Only use barbecue grill outdoors.

There are some people who will use their grills indoors. This is a big no-no. Aside from being a fire hazard, doing this will also expose the other people living in the house to potent asphyxiation as well as toxic gasses. Aside from grilling indoors, you must also avoid using your grills in enclosed spaces. (more…)

PROGUIDE: 5 Apps That Could Just Help You Work Smarter

July 24th, 2014

As a business owner, I’m a lover of all the technological advancements that help you develop your organization and take the company to new heights. Seen as there’s an app for pretty much everything, it should come as no surprise that there are also mobile based tools that can help busy business owners do what they do best!


Image credit:

Getting back to basics

Being able to successfully manage your company as well as keep a beady eye on everything that’s going on from wherever you are is a challenge faced by many entrepreneurs, particularly those with rapidly growing businesses. The Basecamp app allows you to get virtually back to base, even if you can’t always be there in person. (more…)