How to Get the Most Out of a Home Game Room

December 20th, 2014

Traditional Family Room by Lee Classic Homes Inc.

Not everybody has room for a giant 2,000 sq. ft. game room.  That doesn’t mean your home game room has to be any less spectacular.  With a few tips and ideas, you’ll know just what to do with your game room.  Ready to get the ideas flowing?  Let’s get started with a few of my favorites.

7 Tips to Action Pack Your Home Game Room

1.       Media-Game Room Combo

Traditional Home Theater by Terhost Construction

Make your game room serve as an entertainment room that you can turn into your own personal home theater just by moving some couches around.  Leave a blank wall and set up a projection screen for a high definition, closed screened viewing all within the comforts of your own home.  Doubling your game room as a multi-purpose family entertainment room will give you access to luxury venues without having to step foot outside.

2.       Multi-Game Tables

The Pockey 3-in-1 Game Table is an air hockey, table tennis, and billiards table all in one. Image courtesy Game Tables

For Small game rooms, maximizing your space is the key.  One remarkable example is the dining table that turns into a poker table.  Seriously worth a look, Owens Custom Poker Tables created a convertible game room table that far outweighs the rest.  You can find all sorts of multi-game tables that feature ping pong, foosball, air hockey, billiards, and more.  These multi-purpose units will offer you and your guests the greatest variety and flexibility.  Instead of just playing one game, you can have all three.








3.       Karaoke Machine – La La La La..

You never know who your friends are until you see them sing karaoke.  Some people can get carried away, so make sure you’re ready to snatch the mic in the event that tonight’s performer needs assistance back to their seat in the audience.  Karaoke machines range in price but there is no question, it will pay for itself in countless memories.  Some you may want to forget (how embarrassing!).

4.       Set a Theme

Contemporary Basement by Decorating Den Interiors – The Landry Team

                Set a single theme and stick with it.  Game rooms that have a reoccurring theme make the room feel that much closer to home.  Personalize your game room with your favorite colors, cartoons, sports teams, and iconic characters.  You can decorate your walls with pictures and include accessories that reinforce this theme.

[INSERT IMAGE: game-cube-phil-manker.jpg Caption: The Game Cube by Phil Manker (CC)]

5.       Light up the World

One of the best ways to accentuate your game room is through the lighting.  Use uplighting to illuminate the ceilings and up the walls and down lighting to highlight wall decor.  This will give your game room the paramount entrance.  By lighting up the entire room, you will make your game room feel bigger because every square inch of the room will be well lit and visible to the eye.  You can set the focal point of the room by adding pendant lighting above your game table to give the room a well organized appearance.

6.       Durable Flooring

A Basement Game Room with tile floors by Absolute Custom Services LLC.

Life happens.  Make sure the flooring that you choose is built to take a beating.  Materials like scratch proof laminate flooring, natural stone tiles, or even hard wood floors will make for easy clean up.  Carpet tiles keep the room warmer and can be installed in patches in the event that you need to replace a specific area of carpet.

7.       Board Games and Lots of Them

Everybody loves board games, especially when things get really intense!  All you need is some shelving to store all your board games.  This way, you add more options to your game room that guests can play while waiting for their turn on the table.  The Board Game Wonderland on Apartment Therapy will show you exactly what I’m talking about.   

Traditional Home Bar by Luxury Home Solutions]

About the Author Cheryl Khan is an inspirational design writer who covers various home improvement topics ranging from small scale updates to full blown home renovations.  She has written about game room decor on sites like Game Table  A fan of Elle Décor and Design Boom, she enjoys the imagination and creativity that design offers.  

How to Accurately Measure Flooring

December 18th, 2014

If you are considering whether or not to lay a new floor in your home, the first task you have to get right is correctly measuring the space you have to work with. Not only will it help you accurately budget the project but it will also give you an idea of the time it will take.

Image Credit: DesignMine

Accurately measuring a room before choosing your new flooring is critical to a smooth project and in achieving a perfect result. Not correctly measuring the indentations around an alcove, fireplace or forgetting to include the top step of the landing are all common mistakes that can cost you money and set you back.

After 29 years working in the flooring industry, how to measure correctly remains one of the most common questions I get asked and unfortunately I have seen many customers who fall at this first hurdle. To help, I have created a free guide to take away some of the headache. It includes how to accurately measure areas for solid wood flooring, laminate and carpets.

The ‘How to take accurate floor measurements’ guide includes sections on:

-          Measuring the total area of a room
-          Indentations and recesses
-          Staircases
-          Landings
-          Details on measuring L-shaped areas.

Download the guide here if you are about to embark on a new flooring project and want to get it right first time.

By Lou at Floorsave