10 Ways Home Automation Can Make Your Life Easier

Introducing new technology into old products and services has made life more efficient and productive. One place that computers have been slow to make our life easier is in the most importance place of all: our homes. The ADT Pulse home automation system is set to change that.

ADT Pulse utilizes Z-Wave technology to offer homeowners an integrated home automation solution to improve inefficiencies and give you more control over every room in your house. Using the touchscreen keypad in your home, the online portal accessible from any computer or the app on any tablet, smartphone, or other web-enabled device, you can monitor and retain control of your house no matter where you are.

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Here are ten ways that ADT Pulse technology will make your life easier.

1)      Smart Security     

With the ADT Pulse remote security feature, you are connected and control no matter where you are. You’ll be notified 24/7 if there is a burglary or intrusion into your home. Running late this morning and forgot to set your alarm? No worries; arm it with a few swipes on your phone. If your sister needs to pick up that slow cooker for the holiday feast, but you’re stuck at work, no need to rush. Just disarm the security system and unlock the door without leaving the office.

2)      Carbon Monoxide and Flood Sensors

A vacation to the warm, sunny beach may be just what you need during the rainy season, but it’s hard to relax when you are worried about your home. With this system, you’ll be instantly notified if there’s a problem with your pipes, or if there’s a flood (or potential for one) in your home. Also, public health officials have worked hard to educate homeowners about the dangers of high levels of carbon monoxide. With ADT Pulse, you’ll know instantly if they are at dangerous levels.

3)      Smoke and Fire Monitoring

If the smoke and heat sensors go off, not only will you be notified instantly, but so will ADT’s Customer Monitoring Center, which can contact the fire department or other local authorities for you, even if you are not home.

4)      Save Money with Lighting and Thermostat Automation

Not only does leaving lights on or having the thermostat on too high when you are not home hurt the environment, it can also hurt your wallet. Conserve energy and save money with automated schedules set through the ADT Pulse portal. You can also control them in real-time remotely, ensuring that you go green and save some serious green.

5)      Automate Your Small Appliances

In addition to controlling the staples of your house, like alarms and thermostats, you can hook-up just about any small appliance using Z-Wave technology.

6)      Video Monitoring

In addition to receiving email and/or text notifications if anything isn’t quite as it should be, you can also access real-time video of what’s happening in or around your house. If anything is out of place, you’ll know and be able to investigate with video feeds. If you notice something went wrong, you can go back and access saved video and picture feeds.

7)      Latchkey Kid Monitoring

You won’t have to worry if your kids made it home when you have ADT Pulse door and window sensors. Just add a notification to email or text you if a window or door opens between when school lets out and before you get home from work to make sure they’re home on time and safe.

8)      Auto-Pilot

Setting up automated actions for reoccurring events couldn’t be easier. For example, if your housekeeper comes at the same time every week, the house can unlock automatically at that time. Save yourself a few steps by having all lights in the house go off when you set the alarm.

9)      Share Your Memories

The worst part of security systems is the ugly monitor. Fortunately ADT has thought of everything. Link your touchscreen monitor to your Flickr account, so now you can display your fondest memories on your wall and warm your house.

10)    Peace of Mind

The main benefit of the increased access to information and greater control of your home offered by ADT Pulse is peace of mind. There’s enough to worry about in this fast-moving world and it’s time to let computerized technology help ease the burden. Whether it’s your family’s safety, your impact on the environment, desire to save money, or your need for convenience, ADT Pulse may be the answer you are looking for.

What feature of home automation are you most excited about?

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