3 Design Ideas For Your Fireplace

Fireplaces use to serve as the center of the home, it was where people cooked food, heated water, and sat around to tell stories and entertain themselves. Of course now, with modern amenities we no longer depend on our fireplaces however if you have a nice fireplace at home you can use thisto your advantage when designing your home.

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Here are 3 ideas:

1) Make your fireplace the centerpiece
If you have a particularly beautiful fireplace, you should consider making this your centerpiece. This way if you want to use your fireplace on a cold day, the people in your living room could be close to the warmth. It’s also a great way to show off your fireplace, as people can sit down on your chairs or recliners and admire your fireplace.

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2) Create a relaxing corner
Use your fireplace as the anchor for a relaxing corner. For example, you can put a nice wingback chair or recliners so you can sit back and relax in this area whenever you please. This is a good way to section off your living room, and makes it seem larger at the same time.

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3) Decorate your mantel
The mantel is the shelf right above the fireplace and traditionally people put personal knickknacks on this shelf, like keepsakes and pictures but, you should also put other decorative items. For example you can put a large mirror or portrait or you can also put in smaller items, like votive candles or vases to create a nice centerpiece to draw the eye.

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