3 Reasons Why You Should Ditch the Patio for a Sunroom

Do you have a patio you love but never use?   In the winter it’s too cold to be outside and there is no protection from the snow and rain.  In the summer it’s too hot during the day, there are too many bugs at night, and you just have too much yard work to do.

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

Instead of letting that patio sit unused year after year, here are three reasons why you should install windows and enclose it to make it a sunroom.


Reason #1 to Make a Sunroom

The primary reason for enclosing your patio is to use that unused space that is just sitting in your yard.  You can’t the patio in the winter, or the summer because of the reasons already talked about above.  And in the spring and fall you are too busy with other things in your life.  If you think about it, how many times in the last year have you used your patio?

By having your patio enclosed with windows, you can create a protected sunroom that you are sure to use so much more than the patio you have now.  During the winter, you can go in there to enjoy the sunshine without having to endure the cold.  In the summer, you can open all the windows to enjoy the night air and the stars without having to worry about the bugs.  Oh, and don’t forget being able to sit in your sunroom all toasty and warm while you watch it snow outside, or cuddled up under a warm blanket listening to the rain on the glass.

Reason #2 to Make a Sunroom

By ditching the patio for a sunroom you are increasing the value of your home.  Instead of just having an outside patio to be able to list, you now have an additional room in your home and more square footage.

A sunroom is also more of a draw to prospective buyers than a patio when it comes time to sell your house.


Reason #3 to Make a Sunroom

Sunrooms are great for plant lovers.  A warm enclosed space with plenty of sunshine coming in the windows makes the perfect environment to grow plants all year long.  It will also allow you to keep plants that are normally only found in warmer environments because they won’t be outside.

Finally, for anyone that has a garden, a sunroom is a perfect place to start your seedlings until they can be planted outside in the garden.