5 Classy Ways to Spice Up Your Curb Appeal

Every home exterior project, from installing elegant window boxes to repainting the front door with a fresh, bold color, will add style and sophistication to your home’s curb appeal. It may also boost your equity. There are hundreds of ways to improve the visual appeal of your home’s facade through small projects and general landscaping. Best of all, the improvements will make a dramatic difference each and every time you come home at the end of the day. Here are five classy ways to spice up the exterior of your home.

1. Plant Beautiful Flowers

Flowers add just the right touch whether they’re planted inside attractive flower boxes, in pots near the entryway, hanging out of baskets, or along the sidewalk leading to your front door. Often understated, planting a variety of colorful flowers is the simplest and easiest way to make a huge impact on your exterior décor.

2. Edge the Driveway

Incorporating a crisp border along your driveway will give it a clean, manicured look. Hardscape edging materials, including pavers, stone, bricks, or any combination of these will turn a once-boring slab of concrete into a stylish, decorative design with interesting texture and color.

3. Install a Fence

One of the most characteristic outdoor features of a home is an attractive fence that can run near the sidewalk or on a nostalgic front porch. If your home has an elevated front porch with a few steps up to the entryway, consider installing a beautiful glass or wrought iron railing from places like Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. while considering your home’s fundamental architecture. Not only are railings versatile in terms of great design, but they truly make a house a home.

4. Make the Front Door Unique

Nothing says home like a bold, eye-catching door. Whether it’s an intricately detailed Craftsman-style door, an ultra-sleek contemporary steel dpoor, or an arched wooden Tudor style door, the front door is the gateway to what’s inside and sets the tone of the entire house.

5. Paint or Install New Garage Doors

Although they’re functional, the look of most garage doors is typically boring. However, you can easily upgrade their style by painting them a vibrant color that perfectly coordinates with your front door and house trim to dramatically enhance the appearance of your home.

Keep in mind that creating a warm, attractive entrance and stylish curb appeal will often benefit you in more ways than one. First, you will reap the rewards of the visual improvements you made each time you come home. Second, if you ever decide to sell your home, the visual improvements will attract potential buyers and fetch a higher ROI (return on investment).

Author: Anica Oaks, freelance writer and web enthusiast