5 Fun DIY Garden Projects to Try this Summer

The heart of a home may well be its hearth in the depths of winter, but when summer comes the pulse is sure to be found outdoors. Balcony, patio, backyard or garden- it is here that the gift of summer is best enjoyed through sun-kissed occasions and activities. Sprucing up your garden and spillover areas is therefore an ideal way to not only make that perfect first impression, but also add that special touch to moments social and intimate. In the spirit of all things sunny and summery, here are 5 fun DIY garden projects to upgrade your outdoor spaces.

Image via Hallmark Channel

1. Log Planters

Make a 100% eco-friendly and organic planter, which not only adds to your green cred but also brings a deeply textured and dynamic look to your garden, with this log planter. A great idea for those looking to create statements in their outdoor space through the simplest of materials, the log planter not only looks impressive, it also absorbs water and keeps your plants well watered on the hottest and driest of days. Source a suitably sized log and hollow it out, filling it with potting soil and planting your favorite varieties in.

Image via Simple Details Blog

2. Brick Herb Markers

These brick herb markers are an absolute treat for your kitchen garden, especially as they are so easy to make and save you hundreds of dollars. Source some old or unused bricks- you can sand these down a little to tidy up their appearance and soften the edges. With a pencil trace out your herb label and then fill in with a permanent marker. Accentuate the ends of your letters with tiny triangles for a classical look, and voila! You are done! If you want a rustic aged look, sandpaper one last time; this fades the letters a little so they don’t stand out as much.

Image via Empressofdirt.net

3. Reinvent Your Planter

Sometimes the simplest of moves can deliver the grandest of surprises. Add a personal touch, and maybe even a little eclectic charm, by using new and inventive items and elements to hold your plants. From shoes to wheelbarrows, ladders to teacups- you can repurpose stuff old and new, big and small to find its place in your garden. Our personal favorite is the birdcage planter that can be neatly suspended in a corner of the garden, and is fabulous for showing off those trailing and hanging plant varieties.

Image via Design Sponge

4. Draw Out an Ombre Rain Chain

Replace those ugly and utterly mundane downspouts with these gorgeous rain chains that make a visual and musical celebration out of even the lightest of rain. Inspired by traditional Japanese designs, this project uses a series of terracotta cups to gently and beautifully collect and pour rain water from roof to ground. Weave the pots together with a chain and chain links, using a set of pliers to manipulate them. You can paint the terracotta pots to bring color to your garden, or merge with the overall décor.

Image via Garden Drama

5. Marble Your Fences

A novel and fascinating way to lighten things up, right at the outermost perimeters of your home, this fun project brings the play of marbles and the memories of childhood into your outdoors. Here is what you need to do- grab a handful of colorful glass marbles and find a drill bit that can make holes just a little smaller than these. Next, drill holes into your fence and just pop the marbles in there! The marbles should fit snugly into the void so as to not roll out, even when the wood expands and contracts through winter; so make sure not to go any bigger than necessary when choosing your drill bit.

Your garden and outdoor spaces offer an avenue of opportunities when it comes to DIY upgrades and projects. This can get overwhelming, and you might find yourself with a lot more work than you bargained for. So when unsure, remember to start with a simple and easy project that delivers results in a jiffy, building up in scale and momentum with time. Before you know, your summertime will play out in spanking new exteriors that will leave you and your companions mesmerized.

A guest post by Adorable Home – an online interior design and architecture magazine devoted to sharing inspirational home ideas from around the world.