5 DIY Powder Room Pick Me Ups

Bathrooms-so vital, yet oft ignored when it comes to remodeling a home. Replacing tubs, tiles, and toilets does not come cheap, but that does not mean the powder room doesn’t deserve a pick me up every now and then. In fact, small spaces generally tucked away in the inner recesses of the home, bathrooms are the perfect place to shake things up a bit, and go a little design happy.  Forget full on renovation, and let’s discuss some relatively simple DIY updates that do not require a ton of time or huge financial investment, but  can effectively transform an entire room.

Image Credit: Supreme Remodeling, Inc. via DesignMine

Create a tiled accent wall.

Image Credit: Golan Remodeling, Inc. via DesignMine

While tearing out the tile and replacing everything can get rather pricey, creating a focal point with a tile accent wall can go a really long way. You can use a visually interesting mosaic tile in natural stone or glass, or to keep the cost down, use a simple ceramic in a surprising hue. This will draw the eye and add an artistic element with the pop of color.

Repurpose an old dresser.

Image Credit: GL Callow Building and Remodeling via DesignMine

New vanities do not generally come cheap, but old ones can easily be re-purposed with a coat of paint, fresh hardware, and bit of creativity. Depending on how avid a DIYer you are, an old dresser can do the job as well. While it requires cutting a hole in the top, fitting a sink, and figuring out  plumbing, the finished product lends up-cycled chic and character that could never be accomplished with some stock vanity off the shelf.

Pick it up with Paint

Image Credit: GRB Design, LLC

Nothing picks a room up like a fresh coat of paint. Color has the potential to entirely alter the space, and the bathroom presents the perfect place for expressing color confidence. Keep things tranquil with something light and airy, or opt for drama with something deep and dark. Because there is generally not too much wall space in a bathroom, painting is an easy day job that will make a world of a difference.

Fix it with a Fixture

Image Credit: Alair Homes Courtenay via DesignMine

Bathroom lighting rarely gets the attention it deserves, but when it’s done right, the difference can be astounding. Inadequate lighting makes things like putting on makeup or shaving rather difficult, whereas a good lighting plan with proper amount of fixtures enhances the overall mood in the room. Adding a nice fixture or two will not only contribute to the décor, it will make the room that much nicer and functional.


Bathroom Art
Image Credit: Bette D. Johnson Interior Design via DesignMine

When remodeling the bathroom, it is the big ticket items like the tub, toilet, and vanity that get all the attention, but the truth is, the devil is in the details. Adding some artwork, playing around with the shower curtains, building a quirky towel rack, and throwing in a nice rug is really all it takes to accomplish design distinction.

 Post by Cara Price