The 5 Best Materials for a Durable Roofing Installation

Image by Pressure Pros Of Palm Beach, Inc. via DesignMine
Image by Pressure Pros Of Palm Beach, Inc. via DesignMine

Providing the protective layer between you and the elements, it is fairly clear that roofing installations require the very best materials. Along with the insulation properties and providing one of the most influential features of your home’s visuals, ensuring they can withstand all kinds of damage, whether that is as a result of extreme weather conditions, animals, rot or erosion – is essential. You need to consider numerous factors when choosing specific materials for your new roofing installation. You need to make sure they are in line with your budget and do the job that is expected of them. Durable roofing materials are likely to cost a little more than other materials, though you will certainly save money in the long term. There are also materials on offer that barely ever require maintenance. Here is a look at some of the most durable roofing materials out there.


Aluminium roofing is an excellent place to start, mainly because it is one of the most popular choices. Aluminium is incredibly compromising and offers homeowners the chance to have various styles for their roofing installations, including slate. Whether you want something a little more quirky or straightforward aluminium, you can also obtain it in many different colours. You won’t need to reinforce an aluminium roofing installations due to aluminium being so light. The roof keeps the home cool as it reflects sunlight, similarly to steel.


You may be unaware of roofing installations made of clay, yet this is exactly where ceramic and terracotta roofing installations originate. You will find them in many different shapes and sizes. There’s no doubting the aesthetic appeal of clay roofs compared to other roofing installations, with architecture improving the overall value of the house. Clay roofing installations are formed before being backed in a hot kiln. They can last up to 100 years, yet prove to be fragile if stepped on. They are however extremely resistant to extreme weather conditions and will not discolour.


Steel works in combination with aluminium to help form a sturdy and impressively protective layer that lasts longer and is capable of withstanding all kinds of damage and extreme weather. The sturdiness of steel comes from what it is made of, with many steel roofing installations including many different recycled metals. Steel roofs absorb sunlight differently compared to other roofing installations and keep the house cooler. While steel roofing installations are pricey, they can last for over 100 years.


Asphalt roofing installations are made from glass which is most often combined with fibre to create a waterproofing element. It is one of the most inexpensive roofing materials out there and comes in a wide range of different colours. It is very easy to install and costs around £130-£150 per square foot.


Slate is a metamorphic rock that is fine-grained and can be cut from tis layers to create useful roofing materials. They are entirely natural of course and are also highly durable. They also provide good water quality if you are hoping to collect rainwater from your roof. No chemical processes are used to make them, and they can last for over two centuries. However, this all comes at quite a price with most slate tiles per square foot reaching £1000.

Article provided by Mike at commercial and industrial roofing specialists Premier Seal.