5 Fire Pit Ideas to Perfect Your Yard or Patio

Image via HGTV Gardens
Image via HGTV Gardens

Adding a fire pit to your yard or patio is a perfect finishing touch. Over time, it will become a focal point for outdoor activities with family and friends. It does not matter if the occasion is held during the daylight or night time hours. Here are five trendy ideas to consider.


The most popular fire pit is a circular design. It comes in a variety of materials, from places like Design Furnishings, in forms of expensive bluestone to brushed cooper. The stone materials are for stationary locations, while the brushed cooper can be relocated as needed. This version also has the benefit of top surfaces being used as a table when they are flared outward from the flame. In addition, meshed wire covering enhances their effect.


This is the newest addition to the fire pit motif. It can be found in a plethora of configurations and colors. There may be textures including weaved metal or a pyramid and tiki shaped base, with flames streaming from the middle. For a decorative flair, colors can be coordinated with any patio furniture. These are mobile and can be placed at different locations as new event dictates.


This is a design that has a rectangular shape. It can be an intimate length of two feet or as long as six. It will usually be made of stone or even brick. It accommodates large patios with a diverse variety of furniture. The modular configuration with long lines in an L shape allows unobstructed access to the fire pit. The inclusion of plush pillows and luxurious cushions adds elegance to the setting.

Lava Rock

Rustic themes are topping the list for patios with lava rock fire pits. They bring the mystique of volcanoes in the conversation. These fire pits will come in several shapes. In addition, there are a myriad of colors that can blend with the decor. Seating that has wicker chaises or bold resin lounge chairs offer a chance to sit in the shade or under a veranda and catch up.

Fire Pit Combo

A combination fire pit with built in tables of the same material stretch the options of furniture choices. They are used as centerpieces allowing for different modular or curved patio furniture to tie the theme together. Colors can be splashy or muted depending on the occasions or to bring out the colors of the stone. Most furniture has multiple decorative fabrics that can easily be changed out.

A caveat is to use additional fire pits as a planter strategically placed throughout the patio or yard. This offers the opportunity to display fragrant flowers or herbs. Fire pits surrounded by functional patio furniture that withstands weather and is a snap to clean provides convenience for any homeowner. The investment of core pieces and purchasing a collection of cushions and pillows will be enjoyed for years to come.

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