5 Luxury Products You’ll Want In Your Home

One of the best things about building a home is the fact that the homeowner is able to integrate many extras and personal touches. Being involved in the planning of the construction of your future domain gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of incredible luxury products. Once you experience these five products you may wonder how you ever lived without them.

5 Luxury Products You Want In Your Home
Eco-Smart Fireplace
Having an eco-smart fireplace not only adds an element of beauty to a home, it also adds an element of warmth. These ventless systems are great for spaces where a huge chimney would be unsightly. These stylish and modern fireplaces are hand crafted of the finest materials and are completely safe for the environment. They operate on a liquid fuel that is made from agricultural by-products and is a renewable resource.

In-Floor Heating
Installing in-floor heating in a home is a hidden comfort and an eco-friendly heating solution. These highly evolved systems, offered by companies such as Summerstep, can be installed in a number of different situations and locations with a variety of materials. The systems are available in standard or customizable sizes. They can be installed with tile, stone, wood, carpet, and floating flooring. These systems are safe, easy to install, and warranted.

Hidden Warmer Compartment
One of the secrets of a restaurant kitchen is to have equipment that enhances the cooking experience. A built in warmer is one of those appliances. These handy additions can be used for warming buns for a meal, keeping plates warm before serving, or bringing old bread back to life.

Retractable Televisions
These televisions can be installed in a number of different fashions. They can be integrated into a kitchen counter, a bedroom cabinet, a living room wall, or lowered from the ceiling. The versatility of this appliance will allow the viewing of television in a number of different rooms without having to have those appliances visible when not in use.

Intercom Systems
For security and convenience, an intercom system is a great luxury addition to a home. These systems can be installed to integrate room to room communication as well as whole house announcements. This type of system integrated with a video surveillance system will allow for communication with visitors outside of the home. Alternatively, you could use a doorbell camera to talk to visitors if an intercom is not something you’re interested in and if you’re living in an apartment, a doorbell camera might be more suitable. This Skybell HD review will tell you all you need to know about doorbell cameras and how they work. So, if you do decide on a doorbell camera, not only will you be able to see and talk to the people at the door, you’ll be able to keep an eye on parcels and deliveries too.

There are many luxury products that people have installed in their homes. Things such as an eco-smart fireplace, in-floor heating, a hidden warmer compartment, retractable televisions, and intercom systems are among the popular choices. Show off your elegant and luxurious style with these high-end products in your home.

Author: Rachelle Wilber