5 Useful Kitchen Additions


1. Wall Ovens
There’s something to be said for cooking with an oven that’s high enough to easily access, especially if you are preparing several foods at once. Even better, wall ovens with more than one compartment make baking several items at different temperatures convenient, faster and healthier with the convection, steam, and rotisserie options!

2. Cabinet Organizers/Lazy Susans
If accessing items for cooking becomes a project in itself, the daunting task of making an entire meal can easily be dismissed in favor of a trip to the closest restaurant. It’s smart to invest in a few inexpensive kitchen additions such as cabinet shelving/organizers.

3. Hanging Pot and Pan Racks
There is never an easy way to organize pots and pans in a cabinet without obstacles and something falling, making a loud noise. To prevent this, get your cookware out of the cabinet and purchase pot racks. Pot racks open up cabinet storage space and make finding the right pan for your cooking job less of a hassle. They can be suspended over an island or you can purchase several smaller racks to be placed around the room.

4. Modern Dishwashers
Investing in a new dishwasher can provide serious cleaning power – enough cleaning power to tackle baked on food without scrubbing. Everything you use to cook or eat with, as it can go directly in and come out clean without worry. Even better, newer dishwashers may provide all this while still promising energy-efficiency!

5. Ventilation Systems
Proper kitchen ventilation is usually overlooked, but we can all agree food that smells tasty while it’s cooking might not seem inviting a day or two later. It’s important to invest in a ventilation system to eliminate odors by upgrading your insulation or windows.

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What are other useful kitchen additions in your home? Have you recently invest in any of the additions we mentioned?

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