6 Home Organizing Tips to Declutter Your Home

Every homeowner loves the idea of living in a clean home, yet not many actually live out this dream. In fact, one thing that plagues homeowners is the amount of stuff they have around the house. It can often make things feel cluttered. Sure, you can give things away to charity and the Salvation Army. However, some homeowners are forced to give away things they’d rather keep due to all of the clutter. To help you keep the things you love, here are 6 home organizing tips that will help you maintain an uncluttered living space:

Image via hometalk.com
Image via hometalk.com

1. Hang Wire Baskets

Sometimes, your mail, documents, books, and other small things can easily get lost and tossed into your growing pile of clutter. Hanging multiple baskets on the wall enables you to easily identify their location and keeping them from piling up and/or scattering around the house.

2. Install a Small Side Table

A small side table offers you the luxury of having a personal storage space conveniently next to your bed. Because a small side table can be easily installed on the wall to give you an easily accessible height, you can creatively utilize the space below the table to hide your socks, shoes and other annoying clutters.

3. Nailed to Your Wall

Keys, jewelry and other “hangable” things can be easily hung by fancy nails to improve the dynamics of your wall. Instead of using the standard nails, you can find delicate silver nails to drape necklace, scarves and other accessories for a fancy and smart look.

Image via Apartment Therapy
Image via Apartment Therapy

4. Want a Loft Bed?

Unclutter your home with a loft bed to organize your clutter. If your bed is taking up too much space, you may want to get a loft bed to maximize your floor space. Made with a raised bed frame, a loft bed is like a top bunk bed without the lower bunk. Loft beds not only help homeowners to evoke an open, uncluttered feeling in their bedroom, but also enable them to transform the space beneath the beds into a private library, work station or storage place.

5. Storage Boxes

No matter how much you sort and donate, there will always be things that can be useful in the future, but just not now. Put them in storage boxes and stack them neatly in your closet or garage. Remember also to label the boxes for future references. You don’t want to forget about summer clothes when the weather starts to warm and end up buying entirely new clothes when you already had some in the garage.

Image via homedit.com
Image via homedit.com

6. Door Racks

A door rack can be your best friend for storing highly important things — like chemicals, toilet paper rolls and other cleaning products — in a safe and convenient place. Hiding those bottles behind the wall will preserve your house’s curb appeal, while making them readily available in times of need.

Keeping your home neat and clean is an ongoing effort. Besides learning not to pile up or collect unimportant items, putting things back to its proper place after each use will also help you to maintain an organized, uncluttered living space!







About the Author: Paul Kazlov is a “green” home remodeling enthusiast and an industry pioneer for innovation in home renovation. Paul writes for the Global Home Improvement and strives to educate people about lifetime remodeling solutions such as metal roofing. Follow him on Twitter @PaulKazlov.