7 Garden Makeover Ideas You Can Turn Into Reality This Summer

Do you have any idea what you could do to make your garden look more attractive? Forget about just adding flowers for color! We’re going to crank up the creativity a few notches and you can discover some things you might never have thought about.


Image Source: Provided by Ben Trader

Attract wildlife

Don’t be selfish and try to keep the garden to yourself because you’ll never use it as much as the birds and small animals. It’s also nice watching them running and flying around when you look out of the window. Try to plant the right things and set your garden up so it accommodates them. You can even help out by providing the birds and squirrels with food.

Quality surfaces

If you’re going to lay something down to walk on it doesn’t need to be cheap concrete. There is so much more exciting things you can do with your paths and paved areas. What about laying some decking down? If you raise it up high enough off the ground it adds an extra dimension to your garden. Just make sure you don’t go for something as basic as cheap concrete.

Change the view


Image Source: Provided by Ben Trader

When you walk about in your garden you will always see the same things because you walk in the same direction. If you change the direction of the paths and make them wonky it will give you an entirely different view when you’re walking around. You might doubt this because you can always turn your head around and look in any direction you want, but it works.

Japanese water stones

Small ponds are old school and lots of people have them. If you’re going to have a water feature in your garden you want it to be extra-special. You should build a large pond right in the middle of the garden where your path is at the moment with the idea to walk across the stones to reach the other side of the pond.

Antique pots

When I told you to forget about planting flowers I didn’t mean you shouldn’t have any. Just that they shouldn’t be the only thing you do to make your garden look beautiful, but you can definitely make them look special by planting them in lovely, big antique pots then scattering them around the garden. The pots don’t need to be real antiques and you can pick up cheap ones that still look great.

Garden statues

Garden 5Image Source: Provided by Ben Trader

This is probably the only time you would ever want a naked man in your garden, but if you want to add a touch of class to the place you can’t go wrong with a marble statue. You see them in luxurious country estates, so why can’t you have one in your little garden? If you can’t afford a big one it’s fine because they come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t even need to buy a marble one if you want something cheaper.


Unless you eat lots of carrots you won’t be able to see much in the dark. What is the point in having a beautiful garden if you can’t even see it when the sun goes down? Lanterns always look a little more special than regular lighting and you can hang them from anywhere. You can also lay them at either side of the garden path so it’s illuminated all the way down to the gate.

The author of this post, Ben Trader, works as a painter for As Good As New LLC. When he is not busy working on wood andĀ iron fence paintingĀ tasks, he likes to indulge in writing and is a regular feature on numerous blogs.