7 Tasks You Need To Do Around The Home Before Fall

One of the natural parts of winding down summer is preparing for fall. While there are many things you may be doing for yourself, family or at work, it’s important that you don’t miss certain tasks around the home either. Check out this article for seven tasks you need to do around the home before fall.



Change the plants in your home to reflect a cooler fall environment. There are many plants that are perfect in fall, including pansies and bulbs that bloom in spring. These plants use winter to gain nutrients and grow in time for spring, as well as use the earth that is still warm from summer to take deeper roots.



Plant a fall-friendly garden. Delicious, vitamin-rich super vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach, and carrots do very well in the cooler fall climate. These plants are durable and grow quickly, so you’ll have a useful garden and delicious food in time for fall.



It’s important that you fix your heater. This may seem difficult to think about when it’s 90 degrees out in summer. However, fixing your heater ultimately saves you money and keeps your home warm and comfortable for you and your family. The professionals at Avery Heating & Air Conditioning can help with heating repair.



Protect your home against bugs and other animals. Bugs and other animals are more likely to come into your home in cooler months as they seek refuge from the cold weather. Invest in an environmentally friendly package of bug and animal repellants now to save yourself from the cost of expensive pest control services later on in the fall.

Interior Design


Embrace interior pieces with warmer colors that aesthetically mirror the feeling of fall. From gold-plated hooks and knobs to warm-colored lampshades and curtains, small changes in your home can make it seem warmer and more ready for the new season.



Don’t forget to clean your garage. People tend to leave their cars out in the summer and naturally accumulate things in their garage. To make space for your car, and also protect against potential mold and infestations that hide behind clutter, take a day and clean your garage.



Prepare your lawn for cooler weather. If you have automated sprinklers, turn them off in the summer and water yourself as needed. Your grass doesn’t need that extra water in the cooler months, and your water bill will decrease too.


In the end, the beginning of fall is a wonderful opportunity to spruce up your home and usher in a welcoming, new environment for yourself and your family. Take these seven tasks and make a more beautiful home just in time for fall.