8 Ways to Re-Fresh Your Home’s Exterior for the Holiday Season

For many people the holiday season is a time to host parties and dinners and celebrate with family and friends. If you are planning to host events during the holidays, I am sure you are overloaded with planning all the details. We wanted to provide you with 8 easy, quick tips to re-fresh your home’s exterior so the outside of your home looks just as good as the inside. The best part about this list is that it can be completed within one Saturday!

image source: www.mahoneysgarden.com

  1. Pressure Wash-Every home deserves to be pressure washed at least twice a year. During the early fall months spiders are very active and will build a web in any available spot. Although this look might work for Halloween, it isn’t real attractive for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.
  2. Cut Shrubs, Plants & Trees-Remove seasonal plants and prune or cut back perennial plants that are no longer active. Shape shrubs and cut them so that the growth is away from your home and walk ways. Remove any tree limbs that are dead or hanging too low to the ground.
  3. Repair Siding, Gutters, Roofing or Decking-It is always a good practice to repair damages to the exterior of your home when they come up. Your home exterior is what protects your family from the elements all winter long.
  4. Prep Grass-Keep grass cut and fertilize if you have a cool season grass such as Kentucky bluegrass or tall fescue. Although the holiday season does not typically provide green landscapes, it always looks nice when kept manicured and fertilizer will help prepare your lawn for the spring.
  5. Stain Wood Surfaces-Review the condition of your decks and porches. Most wood surfaces will need to be stained about every 2 years. The fall is a great time to complete this task. Staining these surfaces will help your home to look clean and renewed.
  6. Check Your Lighting-Check and replace outdoor lighting for your home. As the evenings become darker and the time changes, outdoor lighting is more and more important. Be sure to check your bulbs and make sure they are all in working condition. This is also a good time to identify areas of your home that may need additional lighting.
  7. Paint the Front Door-Because your front door is the focal point of your home be sure to check for chipped paint and other cosmetic damages. If needed, give the front door a fresh coat of paint to keep the door looking new and vibrant.
  8. Hang a Wreath-A wreath is a great way to complete a refreshed look for your home. A neutral wreath is a great option throughout the holidays because you can use one wreath and interchange the ribbons and bows for each holiday.

With a busy holiday season quickly approaching, completing these items will provide your home with much needed care, but it will also give you a chance to spend time outside with your family before the weather is too cold and the calendars are booked. Here’s to a great holiday season!

This article was written exclusively for homeadvisorhomesource.com by Exovations of Central Ohio, a licensed and insured home exterior remodeling contractor located in Westerville, Ohio.