An Abundance of Good with Reclaimed Pine and Oak

The world recognizes the hardwood species as one of the most superior flooring materials in the industry. Each one of its kind beholds a beauty that makes it distinguishable, and a durability that guarantees reliable performance. For these reasons, the demand for hardwood, both domestic and exotic, has reached an all time high. Reclaimed Wood

Manufacturers are forced to comply with the exigencies of the market by harvesting younger trees. A lot of consequences arise because of this, including deforestation and global warming. When forced to choose between convenience and security, majority will go for the former and simply pray for their tomorrow. But why choose when you can have both?

Opting for reclaimed or antique wood is an option many people are turning to. It is a quality product that does not risk nature like all else does. With the state of our forests and other natural resources becoming a major point of concern nowadays, consumers should perform their part and choose what’s best for Mother Earth and for men.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

As its name implies, reclaimed or antique wood are ‘reclaimed’ from aged infrastructures like houses and barns.  They are reshaped and polished back to their former glory. Unlike the hardwood grown in this century, reclaimed wood sprouted and matured in a clean environment. They have endured various climates and have stood the test of time.

Exotic hardwood may be strong, but reclaimed wood is durable. Your best options in terms of beauty and quality will therefore be reclaimed pine and oak. These particular antiques have more to offer than the rest of the wood specie.

Reclaimed Pine

The pines gathered from demolished infrastructures were bred around the 18th and 19th centuries in coniferous forests. Those were the days when loggers cut off only trees that have grown to their maximum capacity, making them reliable materials.

Reclaimed pine is excellent for flooring, furniture, and vintage cabinets. Proper maintenance allows consumers to enjoy the patterns and hues of the wood, the same way its original owners did.

Reclaimed Oak

Although experts may try, reclaimed oak contains patina that cannot be replicated through a finish. Consumers will love the assortment of profiles to select from; the most popular of them are for flooring, hewn beams, and for bard wood. Reclaimed oak is especially outstanding as a material for hand hewn beams.  Oak wood magnifies the intricate details of handcrafted designs so well that every guest you have will surely notice it above your fireplace or windows.

Its resistance to damage caused by insects remains a captivating characteristic to buyers, and so does the fact that is harmless to people with asthma and allergies. Parents with children who are sensitive to wood can finally own one without risking anyone. Reclaimed oak is capable of retaining its original patterns and graining, similar to that of the new ones.

Why Should You Opt for Reclaimed Wood?

Purchasing reclaimed wood is a good start in building a brighter future for the natural world. Disasters such as soil erosion and flash floods can be prevented if only trees are not cut down prematurely. Those trees will therefore serve their true purposes in their youth, and, when logging time comes, they will be study as need be in their new mission.

The manufacturers who collect reclaimed wood approach the owners of abandoned infrastructures who will just throw out the old planks.  Recycling pine and oak reveals the potential that still lay in them. Otherwise, if the wood are left with the trash, there will only be additional waste to the current ones we have trouble disposing.

It is true when they said other people’s trash are other people’s gold. Among other reclaimed wood, pine and oak are efficient in preserving the memories of the years they had lived in history. They are beholders of the stories that may never be told, but there all the same.

With these antique wood species, you can add stories of your own and pass them on to future generations. It’s an investment worth making.

Author Bio- Kemp is a home blogger who loves to write on topics related to home improvement, home decoration, hardwood flooring, reclaimed or antique wood, wall interiors etc. He guides people and suggests ideas for having a beautifully decorated house.