BBQ Grill Safety

Howdy, everyone! Get ready for barbecuing the good ol’ American way this summer. Time to put on your apron, bring out the grill, and get your family ready for a barbecuing they won’t soon forget. But there is also something else that you cannot forget: BBQ safety!

Image by Outdoor Living Creations via DesignMine
Image by Outdoor Living Creations via DesignMine

Grill Safety

There is something that all grills need to get your steaks from cold slabs of meat to delicious foods ready to eat: fire! Fires are always dangerous when the proper safety plans are not in place, so we’re going to go over some simple things that you need to do to ensure your home is safe from the dangers of a grill fire.

Thousands of people are injured every year because of fires caused by grills during barbecue season. Every year, over 8,000 home fires are caused because of grilling accidents. Money is spent on minor burns to sides of homes that can be avoided simply by following safety guidelines when grilling—like never using your grill indoors, never overloading it with food, cleaning it regularly to prevent grease and fat building up, and always keeping it at least 10 feet away from your home and anything near or connected to your home (i.e. porch, garage, decorations, furniture, etc.).

Image by WJ Pools General Construction, LLC via DesignMine
Image by WJ Pools General Construction, LLC via DesignMine

Gas Grill Precautions

For a gas grill, you should first check for any leaks in the gas line. You can do this by using dish soap. Wipe some dish soap along the pipe, and once you turn the gas on, you will see the soap begin to bubble. To fix the leak, you most likely need to tighten the connection. However, if the leak persists after you tighten the connection, you have a hole in the line, and it is no longer safe to use the grill.

You should also never turn a gas grill on with the lid closed. When a gas grill’s lid is closed and the gas is on, the gas will build up pressure, and once the grill lid is opened, the pressure will cause an explosion of fire. This is incredibly dangerous, and will lead to severe burns. To prevent this, always make sure to open the grill before you turn on the gas line.

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Charcoal Grill Precautions

A charcoal grill should be treated just like a gas grill. You should never leave the grill unattended, and you should not allow children to flip the meats or even be near the grill without your supervision.

You should also make sure that the charcoals and embers are completely put out when you are finished grilling. Homes have caught on fire because of left-over charcoal catching fire even after the grill was put away. You can prevent a charcoal fire by simply covering up the grill after using it, and the embers will lack the oxygen needed to cause a fire.

Remember to keep a fire extinguisher with you and a spray bottle or hose nearby as well to protect you and your home from a possible fire. If a fire does occur, remember to call 911. Do not try to fight the fire on your own! Many deaths and injuries happen because homeowners believe they could put out a small fire themselves without calling the fire department. You should always call your local fire department in the event of a fire.

Make sure to follow these simple steps and precautions when using your grill this summer. If you do, you, your friends, and family will all have a fun and safe summer spent grilling and eating great food at your home.

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