Best Home Security Features

According to reports, 90 percent of burglars will skip a property with a home security system. This means it’s well worth the investment of installing an alarm system at your home. But with so many programs and features to choose from, which are the most important?

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High-Definition Video

Most people think of security videos as the jerky black-and-white presentations of yesteryear, but 21st century technology has evolved well beyond that. You can now buy home security cameras with flawless, in-color HD video that will let you know exactly who’s been on your property and when. Some are even available as carefully camouflaged devices that will fit into doors and foyers with no one the wiser.

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Wireless Connectivity

Many companies have made their products completely wireless, meaning less hassle and stronger security for you. Burglars have no wires to cut to disable your system; animals have no cords to tread on and give you false alarms. You won’t even lose power during a neighborhood blackout. You’ll enjoy 24/7 protection with none of the inconvenience of a traditional security package. If you want more detailed information about a specific company, check out a Northstar Alarm review as one example and compare it with those of other businesses.

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Automation Technology

Gone are the days when you had to punch in a dozen different codes to get feedback from your security system. You can now monitor, adjust and control just about everything in your home from your smartphone. For example, you can turn on the interior lights as you pull into the driveway or remotely deactivate your alarm to let a family friend inside. The possibilities are endless when you automate.

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Advanced Sensor Mechanics

What kind of sensors are protecting your property? If you’re anything like most homeowners, you probably have a couple of smoke alarms and a motion detector or two. But when was the last time you replaced them? Old-school sensors have been revamped with everything from photoelectric technology to biometric scanners, so don’t miss the curve.

Outside Monitoring

There’s no use in having an alarm if it isn’t connected to a real-time monitoring center. Not only can they alert the authorities in the event of a burglary, but some companies will even keep an eye on your home while you’re away on vacation. Never again worry about leaving your house vulnerable even if you aren’t there! A monitoring center will stay alert for you.

These are just a few ways to keep yourself safe from criminals and opportunists. If you’re serious about protecting your property from a break-in, these are the home security features to prioritize.