Building Your Dream Home from Scratch

Shopping for a home can be a physically and mentally draining experience. You may end up looking at homes for months before you find one that you can live with, or in. There may be a few things that need to be changed before you completely fall in love with the home. All of the common problems of shopping for a home can easily be avoided if you limit your choices to homes that are brand new. It will make it easier to start with a clean slate, but there may still be some things that you don’t like.

The only way to get a new home without any compromising is to build it yourself. If this sounds like a feat, fear not, because you don’t have to literally “build” the house yourself. You won’t be required to be on the construction site with a hammer in your hand and a tool belt around your waist, but since you retain full control, you can oversee the entire project. This ensures that your new home is everything that you want it to be and more. If you’re thinking about building your own home, then congratulations, you have just made an excellent choice. Here are some tips that will help you get started building your new dream home.

Choosing the Land

If you don’t already own land, then you are going to need to find an ideal spot for your new home. This aspect is the greatest part of building your own home because you get to choose the location. If your idea of a good home is a secluded piece of property out in the woods, you can do that. But if you prefer something a little closer to the hustle and bustle of the city, you can do that too–the choices are endless! Once you have purchased a piece of land, there’s no rush to begin construction. Take as long as you need to get the plans for your new home drawn up.

Designing the House

Now that you’ve secured a piece of property, it’s time to move on to the next phase–designing your home. This is going to be the most important step in the process. One, you get to customize every single aspect of the house. Two, you get to decide what your bedroom will be like. Will you go with a traditional style bedroom or something a little more exotic? What about the bathroom? Will you choose a nice bath vanity, or something else? Are you going to have a pool or a garden, perhaps? Three, this is where you get total creative control and license to design your dream abode.

On the internet, you will find plenty of plans for the design of your home or you could hire an architect to draw the plans up for you. Enlisting the help of a local architect to design your new home is a valuable asset. However, there will always be some minor changes needed in order to pass the local building codes and inspections.

Who Is Going to Build Your Dream Home?

Building your own home is a daunting task that can get a little tricky. You have two basic choices in this department: you can hire a builder or you can act as an owner-builder.

  • Hiring a builderis the easiest way to get things done, but it can also be the most expensive way to build your dream home. A builder will oversee every aspect of the building phase. If you’re going to hire a builder, here are some tips that will ensure your dream home does not become a money pit.
    • A builder’s reputation means everything. There are good builders out there, and there are bad builders too.
    • A new builder might not be the best choice.
    • A builder that has an excellent reputation for building quality homes that are completed on time and remain within budget would be the best option.
    • Always ask to see some examples of prior work. A builder should have no problems showcasing their past builds. This is an excellent way for them to impress you and gain your trust, and it gives you a chance to see some of their work firsthand.
  • Deciding to be an owner-builderhas significant savings. However, since there are a few more responsibilities involved, being an owner-builder is not for everyone. An owner-builder will have to manage and oversee all of the contractors. Here are other some things to consider if you decide to take on the role of owner-builder of your new home:
    • An owner-builder becomes the boss and, if you have no experience in home construction, this is probably not the best option for you.
    • You can still be an owner-builder and hire a local builder to supervise all the work. This can lead to some cost savings, but at the same time, it can be a little more challenging than hiring a builder to handle everything.

Building your dream home is the only way to own a house that will have everything you want. You have total freedom to design a house that fits all your needs and wants so there will be no compromises, because everything is in your hands.

About the Author: James Mackey is a contributing author who owns his own construction company. He has been building houses for over 20 years. When his customers are looking for ways to decorate the inside of their new homes, he suggests


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