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PROGUIDE: How to Prepare the Perfect Pitch

Whether you are seeking equity finance to get your company off the ground or require follow-on funding to grow your business further in your respective market, preparing the perfect pitch is an essential step to getting the financial assistance you need.


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But what really makes your pitch perfect? We reveal the top tips every entrepreneur should utilise to get the funding and business support they need to take their venture to the very next level.

Know your customer

Having a comprehensive understanding of your target market and core demographic is the basis of any good pitch, and businesses seeking investment are urged to go above and beyond in their research. Take time to prepare market research and explore every avenue to get to know your market inside out, after all if you don’t and your competitors do you will inevitably miss out on sales. (more…)

PROGUIDE: How Businesses Can Successfully Market Their Website Both Online and Off

Getting your website the exposure it needs is an essential part of pushing the sales of your products or services to your target audience. For the majority of businesses establishing the right marketing strategy will mean the difference between being a struggling start-up and becoming a huge household name.

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Here we take a closer look at the top strategies you can use to gain exposure and promote your website both online and offline…

Advertise on everyday business essentials

When looking to promote your business both online and off, everyday business essentials can unlock the missing link in your current marketing strategy. Placing your website URL on all company correspondence can give your customers or clients more ways to connect with your business, so add this to letterheads, business cards and email signatures. (more…)

ProGuide: How Home Improvement Companies Use GPS Tracking

With today’s tight margins and competitive market, home improvement company managers are always looking to cut costs, increase efficiency and improve customer service. One of the best ways contractors can do this is to invest in a GPS tracking system for their fleet vehicles. Most companies that install GPS tracking units report that the systems pay themselves back within a year, and confer many other benefits as well.


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Here are the top ways home improvement companies can take advantage of GPS tracking and how it can positively impact their business:

Keeping employees accountable: GPS tracking systems disclose where each vehicle is at all times, and record this information for future review. This helps put an end to overly long lunches and breaks, as well as false overtime requests.

For companies that allow their employees to take trucks home, the technology also puts the brakes on unauthorized personal use of vehicles after working hours.

Increased productivity: With the help of GPS tracking, a dispatcher can quickly and easily determine the closest vehicles to certain destinations, and maximize productive work time vs. time spent driving. It is also easier to inform drivers of traffic events that may delay their progress, and offer alternative routing options. (more…)