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PROGUIDE: Social Networking for Profit, Not Just Potential

In this day and age, nearly every successful business embraces the power of social networking. Getting “Likes” is a great way to build your community of followers and keep them connected. Engaging on Twitter will keep your business current and help you communicate quickly with every customer.

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But beyond the marketing potential, is it possible to use social networks to gain profit for your business? The answer is yes, and it’s easier than you may think. Here are some tips to maximize social networking for the best results in gaining profit. (more…)

PROGUIDE: Is Your Business Future Proof?

As many amateur and established entrepreneurs will tell you, the key to devising an iron clad business model is to not only prepare for what the next six months to two years will bring, but also to plan for the long haul. While unfortunately no business has a crystal ball to predict what the future holds, there are a number of steps companies of all sizes and niches can take to ensure their brand can and will last the distance.

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Know Your Audience

Having an in-depth knowledge of your target audience and the trends throughout your respective industry is the only way to really prepare for the surprises and shocks that your future market may bring. By immersing yourself into your market appropriately and keeping your finger on the pulse of any changes, you can harness a deeper and more powerful insight than your competitors allowing you to adapt your business model accordingly.

As well as conducting research and compiling trend reports on a regular basis, spend some one-on-one time with your core demographic to gauge their wants and needs from the grassroots up. (more…)

PROGUIDE: Leverage Social Media to Grow and Brand Business

Join HomeAdvisor and Grasshopper, a virtual phone system for entrepreneurs, as they discuss how to leverage social media to grow and brand small businesses on Wednesday October 29th at 2pm EST.

The online event, called “How Everyday Businesses Can Leverage Social Media to Grow and Brand Their Businesses,” will give business owners practical advice on how to create social media plans that drive results for your not so typical social business. A panel of experts who use social media to help grow their business will be on hand to answer questions.

The online event will be the second in a series of Fireside Chats from Grasshopper and Google will take place on Wednesday, October 29. Registration is complimentary. Register online at

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