Children’s Playroom Ideas: 5 Products Kids Will Love

Image via Home Adore
Image via Home Adore

As a parent, creating a nurturing environment is a major priority. A child’s playroom keeps the atmosphere fun and age-appropriate. Use this opportunity to bond by taking the little ones along to help pick items out to decorate this space. There should be something for the floors, walls, windows, furniture, as well as shelves and containers.


Rugs that have numbers, letters, song lyrics, animals, and more are an absolute must. Consider a variety that can be used as stations as they organize the space. An out-of-the box idea would be to paint a corner area in a hop-scotch or tic-tac-toe format. Outside of these ideas, use color coordination to heighten the theme.


Put up a bulletin board for pictures created by them. A blackboard that starts from the floor to at least three feet would serve as a place for them to get expressive and change the decor at will. Beyond this, paint the walls all white to add space or go all out with splashes of color to accommodate themes. However, take care not to make the space too busy that it over stimulates.


Blinds and curtains that make a statement such as with favorite characters or more letters and numbers are ideal. Encourage the kids to open and close them with handles that are durable and turn to avoid injury. Better yet, paint them or use appliques with flowers, birds, butterflies, and other interesting objects.


This is where the little tikes will help most in making sure the furniture is a perfect fit. Indulge them with animal shaped chairs and bean bags. Get tables that have writable surfaces that are easily cleaned. Look for furniture that represents different areas of the house. For example, have a kitchen area with a table for tea parties and those delicious imaginary meals. To help save on costs, search for deals such as overstock discounts that can help you with your online shopping on furnishings.

Shelving and Containers

Get lots of these and teach the children how to use them. It will make cleaning up an interesting game. Shelves and containers should be size appropriate and aesthetically pleasing. Consider teaching them that the shelves are the toy’s home. This way they will learn how to organize and take care of their belongings. Organize the space for books in a separate section from toys so the children will understand the difference.

The operative word in the compound word of playroom is play. As long as this is the driving factor, finding items that fit your child’s preference will be a snap. Remember, to override choices to keep things safe and age-appropriate.

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