Colorful Living Room Décor

When decorating a living room, people tend to look for color in all the wrong places.  High price design elements that provide pops of color like carpeting, furniture upholstery, and luxury window treatments can be hard on the checkbook.   When decorating a space such as a living room, think small. Think pillows, throws, wall art and accessories. These small additions can provide the pockets of color and splashes of texture that give life to a neutral living room.

Colorful Living Room
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Throw Pillows

For example, take a simple, neutral colored set of sofas and bring them to life with vibrantly colored throw pillows and soft but simple accent blankets or quilts.  Neutral colored furniture works well in living rooms because changing out the color of throw pillows according to the season is so simple, can really transform a space, and doesn’t cost a great deal. In addition, using several different textures of fabrics on the pillows and throws give the space depth and interest.


The hot color in home décor this season is turquoise!  Neutral colored living rooms that use beiges, chocolate browns, and tans are brought to life with tiny splashes of turquoise! Throw pillows, coordinating floor rugs, wall art and wall decals are wonderful places to add color to a space.  Accent pieces such as candles, figurines or floral arrangements that are set on coffee and sofa tables provide an additional outlet for use of color and design.

Depending upon the size of the living room area, adding bookcases and sofa tables provide additional space for splashes of color.  A simple sofa table with shelves can make a beautiful bookshelf.  The bindings of books provide yet another arena for pops of color in any space.

Wall Decals

Decals for example, are a highly versatile and personalized décor element to use when adding color to a space.  Placing an inspirational phrase or verse above a mirror or sofa in a living room would provide a beautiful focal point in any space. Available in variety of colors and sizes, a wall decal sticker provides the perfect pop of color and interest in a living room.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are especially nice in a living room because they provide definition in a space; area rugs define the center of the space where conversation and relaxation can take place. Typically placed underneath a coffee table, area rugs define the area in which conversation pieces and larger furniture are placed. Furthermore, area rugs are a wonderful way for homeowners and designers to really express their personal taste and style through design and color.


As lighting in any space is of dire importance, vibrant or coordinating lampshades really make a space come to life. Furthermore, lamp shades are another way of bringing color into a room.  The standard “rule of thumb” as far as lighting goes is that any given room should have at least three sources of light; either through the use of lamps or overhead lighting.  So designers use light sources as three more ways in which color and coordination can bring interest to spaces.

Most living rooms have some sort of natural light. This particular space has a gorgeous bay window. Bay windows are designers’ dreams. They are a space where style, design, and taste can really be showcased. An entire article could be written on the different ways in which bay windows can be decorated. The bay window in this living room serves as a shelf that displays more coordinating throw pillows and accent pieces. Bay windows are an absolutely terrific space to utilize when trying to add color in a room.