Copper and Interior Design

Copper has been used in interior design for thousands of years. Not surprisingly, this venerable metal is making a considerable resurgence in popularity of late as designers bring the cool texture and warm tones of copper to interiors in new, fashionable ways. Ranging from traditional interiors to mid-century and contemporary design, copper is capable of adding a stylish, metallic touch to any décor.

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Balance Beauty and Function

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most classic and common areas where copper is used, both as a design element and a functional choice. Thanks to its antimicrobial nature, copper is the perfect choice for sinks and fixtures. In fact, harmful microbes die after just a few hours of habituating on copper, erasing the need for any harsh chemical cleansers or solvents.  A quick rinse with mild soap and water is all any quality copper kitchen or bath sink may need for cleanup.

Hammered copper sinks have an adaptable old-world  look, while fixtures such as faucets and showerheads can range from brushed to a bright ”new penny” shine, allowing them to easily blend into even the most modern of homes. A head nod to the geometric motif of copper piping, copper elements lend themselves easily to the clean lines of contemporary design. All that, and it is also an eco-friendly, recyclable material that makes it as sustainable for the Earth as it is for evolving interior design trends.

Light the Way with Copper

The impact of lighting in a home is multi-faceted, as it illuminates the space, and acts as a design element in and of itself. Copper lighting fixtures – think pendants or contemporary chandeliers – are stylish additions to a room that boldly add dimensional light, and help define a space. Depending on the finish, ranging from shiny and raw to a natural or heavy patina, copper lighting can be paired with a wide range of styles including cozy, rustic, western, and contemporary.

The Other Metal: Hardware and Beyond

No need to feel confined to stainless, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze! In addition to the use of copper for sinks and fixtures, additional flair can be added to any kitchen or bathroom with the use of copper hardware, including cupboard door handles, hinges, and other small touches.

Metal tile backsplashes and stovetop range hoods are a great way to add  more substantial doses of copper into a kitchen. A copper frame for a mirror can bring gilded elegance to the bathroom and tie in with copper fixtures in sinks and showers for a cohesive appearance.

For a really high end, luxury look, elegantly display your copper cooking utensils, pots, and pans, as a part of the décor of your kitchen. Look to a pot rack above an island or an antique copper pot to hold cooking utensils.

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Copper Touches Throughout the House

Copper can easily be added to the décor of any house without the need for renovation or major changes. Copper plant pots, vases, candle holders, lamps, and wall art are all simple ways to add copper to your house without great expense or the work involved in renovations.

Wall art or sculpture with copper elements are part of a growing trend that offers a wide array of choices, from abstract to natural elements to modern, to match any home. Copper fountains or patio furniture can bring the desired look into outdoor spaces as well, including patios and porches, entry ways, or foyers.

Whether they are small touches of copper or large statement pieces that define a space, any room in any home can benefit from the timeless beauty and functionality of copper.

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