Create a Vintage Style Bedroom on a Budget

Vintage is in this season, and having a cozy vintage style bedroom can be ideal, however vintage things can be very expensive so if you want to create a stunning vintage style bedroom on a budget you have to be creative. Firstly mix matching is a great way to create a vintage shabby chic look. You can miss match pillows, lamps and any accessories you want.

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Soft colors  delicate patterns and textured fabrics are everything a vintage style bedroom is about. So if you are thinking of painting your walls then opt for a soft and delicate color  you don’t have to stick to beige if you don’t want to though. Egg shell is a fantastic option, it gives off a warn look that is still sleek and clean.

Add subtle wall stickers to give a textured effect, you can always add hooks to a single wall to hang your jewelry from too. Use a variety of different textured hooks to give a more scattered and random look, remember mix matching!


As for furniture you will want something with rounded edges, a distressed paint look and vintage style handles, this furniture can be very expensive, so, make your own! It’s so easy. All you need is a piece of wooden furniture which isn’t full of modern pointed edges, but if that’s all you can get then you can sand down these edges to create a more rounded and feminine look to them. Then all you need to do is paint the furniture in a color of your choice, again make sure it is a delicate and soft color to keep in with the vintage look. Then, once the pain has dried slightly go over the paint work with sand paper and remove little bits of paint around the furniture. This will give a worn out and vintage look. Alternatively you can buy specialist “milk paint” which will crack once dried giving the same worn and distressed look. Your final touch will be adding some unique metal handles to your furniture. Victorian designs always look great.

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Finally your floors, vintage rooms always look best with simple exposed wooden flooring painted in a light color. However, you can buy fantastic wooden flooring at places such as All Floors Express if you don’t have the luxury of having exposed floorboards. Then simply add a subtle patterned rug for that cozy feel and voila, you have the perfect vintage style bedroom of your dreams!