Creative Roofing Options to Make Your Home Unique

When building a home, one of the most important decisions you can make is finding a company that offers trusted home roof services to install your chosen roofing material. While there may seem like a standard, safe answer to the question, “What should I use for roofing shingles?” there are actually more options than you might think. Here are some ideas for creative roofing for your home.

Creative Roofing
Image Credit: Arocon Roofing and Construction, LLC via DesignMine

Wood Shingles

If you are looking for a rustic, cabin feel, wood shingles will be just the look for you. The most popular woods to use are cypress and redwood. Wood is the most durable option and can last up to 30 years before serious maintenance is needed from Richmond Roofers or other firms. Whether you’re in the woods, or just want to feel like you’re in the woods, wood shingles can help your home feel Lincoln log cabin comfy. This material is incredibly practical and durable. More and more people are choosing wood shingles to match their wood shutters and other wood accents.


When you think of a metal roof, does the picture of a cheap tin roof come to mind? This is far from the actual truth. Metal roofing has come a long way. Metal Roofing Outlet Inc., a company that provides roofing in Windsor explains, metal roofs now look just as good as other roofing materials, and it can can withstand the elements more readily than other brittle materials. If you live in an area that has hurricanes and other problems, you should seriously consider metal materials.

Metal roofing is becoming a more and more popular choice for property developers and business owners to use on commercial properties because of it’s longevity and the upkeep can be kept to a minimum. Some roofing companies only deal with private homes if you are looking to replace the roof on a commercial property or on a new build of a commercial property then your best bet would be to hire a commercial roof company as they are best suited to the task in hand.


If you’re trying to go green, this is the best roof option for you. A recent trend has encouraged planting a layer of soil and grass seed on your roof. In the right environment this can look gorgeous and is much better for your home than black tile that absorbs heat and makes your home incredibly hot. Maybe you should give it a shot!


For a classic, English cottage feel, choose a thatched roof. Thatched roofs are made from crisscrossing different sticks and branches together to create a covering over your home. These aren’t used as often anymore, but can create a nice look if your zoning laws allow it.

There are many ways to make a statement with your roof. These are just a few. Have fun picking your material and giving your home that personalized touch! If you do decide to go with something non-traditional, just make sure it complies with local building and zoning laws.

Written by Freelance Writer Savannah Coulsen