Disaster Proof Homes That Fool Mother Nature

As I perform the proverbial “knock on wood”, I remain in awe of the following homes that were built and designed to fool Mother Nature. From unpredictable earthquakes (Los Angeles kicked off the first day of August 2011 with a 2.1 shaker at 12:25:10pm!, usgs.com) to oncoming hurricanes, these indomitable domiciles are both inspiring and impressive…especially when it comes to the power of natural disasters.

Earthquake Home - Bodew.com


Earthquake resistant housing such as these dome homes are constructed with lightweight Styrofoam-minimizing the harmful and potentially deadly effects of collapses and/or falling debris. Additionally, this material does not rot or rust and is an excellent thermal insulator. Earthquake-prone countries such as Japan and Indonesia are perfect candidates for this type of housing which is also economical in price. Image: bodew.com


Hurricane Home - Cybersharp.blogspot.com

This Hurricane proof “Monolithic Dome” home, has survived 4 hurricanes including Ivan, Dennis, and Katrina. Constructed of cement and five miles of steel, it has the ability to withstand winds up to 300 miles per hour. These types of houses are not only Mother Nature proof, they are also Mother Nature friendly. Image: cybersharp.blogspot.com

Flood Home - Geeks.co.uk





Flood proofing homes is absolutely doable with the help of the AFDES (Automated Flood Defense Elevation System). Take a look at this self-elevating six-sided pyramid passive house, designed by Christopher James, that can be triggered to extend upwardly 7 feet, clearing rising flood water. The beauty of this design is that depending on water height, the home ascends and descends accordingly. Image: geeks.co.uk

Tsunami Home - Habitables.co.uk




Tsunami proof homes are possible with the creation of this cylindrical building named Looptecture F, designed by Japanese architect Endo Shuhei, that houses the tsunami disaster preventive control center for the Osaka region. The elevation on small stilts and circular shape of this design, encourages strong waves to pass under and around the structure, allowing it to withstand the initial and often-times devastating impact of an actual tsunami. Image: habitables.co.uk

This multi-Disaster proof home, dubbed “The Safe House” is a concrete cube with more than 6,100 square feet of spacious living space, designed to automatically reveal and seal itself completely. With moveable walls and cement window closures, this home is nearly impervious to the potential damage of hurricanes, tornados, hailstorms, or blizzards. The security is clearly stellar. Images: kwkpromes.pl


Multi-Disaster House - Kwkpromes.pl

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