DIY Tricks for Defending Your Home

There are many sophisticated tools and pieces of equipment we can use in ensuring that our homes are secure and effective in deterring burglars. In the 21st century, we find ourselves equipped with home alarm systems, motion detecting cameras, and noise detectors ? and those are just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, one of the most underrated of these tools is common sense.

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As the DIY community would say, “Solutions don’t always come with a price tag.” Here are some easy and surprisingly effective ways anyone can bulk up their home defense without going too much out of pocket:

1.          Consider all points of entry

While a fence is an ideal tool in keeping out unwanted guests, there are other important considerations. It’s best to leave obstructions out of your yard, such as large decorations or hedges – especially if they obscure view from your windows. These make approaching a home undetected much easier.

Also consider entrances that you might not expect an ordinary person to take. Criminals often count on your main entrances to be more well-guarded and armed. They’re frequently aware that homeowners skirt installing alarms or protective equipment on their upper floor windows or patio doors, but a few feet of fencing or wall means nothing to a resourceful kind of invader. Reduce yard clutter and guard your upper floors by eliminating elements to your home that are easily scalable, such as latticework or overhanging tree branches.

2.         Reinforce every outside door

These entries are the most vulnerable points of your security, and are usually easily broken unless reinforced. But with a few hunks of wood and screws, it can be easy to make these entries a little less accessible to the common crook. Any door that leads outside should be installed with a chained lock; the support of a simple screwed-in chain can make breaking through a door far more difficult than three or four locks would. Deadbolts are also good at resisting breakage, though they are easily picked as any standard door lock.

Sliding doors, usually found at patios or backdoors, are a particular vulnerability. All a criminal needs to do to bypass these entries is shove the door off of its track and push it aside. Discourage this by taking a hunk of wood and screwing it in along the door’s interior-side track, making it impossible to jimmy the door open.

3.         Outsmart lock-pickers

To prevent criminals from easily picking your door locks, there are three highly effective tricks. First, consider installing your locks upside down so that the jagged part is facing upwards. Any locksmith can confirm that they are more difficult to pick this way. To make it especially hard, lubricate your locks once in a while to make it harder to keep their grip steady. Lastly, we have found that there are so many companies that sell padlocks at low prices, but are extremely difficult break into, for example padlocks online UK sell a wide range of locks for low prices. There are also lots of companies in America who sell similar products.

4.        Secure windows

Windows are more a common target for the less savvy burglars, since the only thing keeping them out is a less than an inch of glass. That is, of course, unless you prevent easy opening by installing a catch screw that limits how far the window can be opened to just a few inches. In addition, make sure that any windows near entryways have something obstructing a clear reach to the door’s lock, since even small windows can allow a crook’s arm. Obscuring their reach, such as with a shelf or room divider, is highly effective at eliminating this method of entering.

What other simple DIY home defense tricks do you think homeowners should consider?

Author biography: Naomi Broderick is a full-time mother of three and a part-time professional writer who enjoys writing about home defense tips and advice for parents. She currently blogs tips and advice with Protect Your Home.