Five Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space


Tailoring your home’s outdoor living space to your specific needs is a must in this day and age, especially as people want to get out into nature more often while not giving up their daily comforts. Creating an outdoor living space doesn’t mean you have to put together the same yard that your neighbors have especially since there are so many design and landscaping options to choose from!

Image Credit: Architectural Landscape Design, Inc. via DesignMine
Image Credit: Architectural Landscape Design, Inc. via DesignMine

Unique Planted Areas

Creating a garden of any size with more unique examples of local flora can provide you with a beautiful showpiece. Seeking out more unusual examples can ensure that no one else will have a carbon copy of your garden in their yard.

Temperature Regulation

Most people who spend a great deal of time outdoors have methods to cool off, such as created shade or electric fans. However, many neglect heating sources to regulate temperature during the winter. This could mean a chiminea, a heat lamp or fire pit for the cooler months during which you still have activities or work outdoors.

Image Credit: Luxury for the Home via DesignMine
Image Credit: Luxury for the Home via DesignMine

Outdoor Furnishings

Outdoor seating and tables greatly enhance any outdoor space, giving residents and visitors a place to sit back and relax. Consider placing outdoor accessories from Design Furnishings, like side tables and storage containers, on your patio or deck. This will ensure that any surfaces you use, whether for resting your laptop or holding drinks, are sturdy and steady. On a more superficial note, accessories such as art and sculpture add to any outdoor area. While not necessarily of practical use, aesthetic pleasure should not be ignored when creating your outdoor spaces.

Power Sources

While most houses now have electrical outlets outside, it is also becoming more common to have specifically electronic-safe areas. This is important for those who enjoy working outside on laptops or tablets. Having wifi available is ideal, but for those areas that might not have the feature, consider having a phone jack installed in a safely sheltered area for access.

Image Credit: Steven Secon Architect, PC via DesignMine
Image Credit: Steven Secon Architect, PC via DesignMine


Take care of your home’s exterior just as you do the interior. This means more than watering the lawn and pulling weeds. Don’t forget that the outside surfaces of your house need to be cleaned periodically. Many people also forget to feed their lawns and plants in addition to watering. Keeping all outdoor furniture and heating sources clean will also go a long way toward making the area inviting as well as safe.

There are many wonderful ways to make your outdoor living area unique to yourself and your family – these are just a start. As you create these spaces for yourself, you may find more ideas on how to make them more comfortable and reflective of your tastes.

Author: Emma Sturgis