Finding Under Cabinet Lights to Fit Your Personality

We’ve all heard those common design mantras like “Lighting makes a room,” and “When in doubt, layer your lights.” Well today, I’m going to prove those wrong. Just kidding. Without adequate lighting, especially in highly functional rooms like the kitchen, it’s much harder to work, and to enjoy yourself.

In my opinion, task lighting (aka under cabinet lighting) is one of the most important features you can add to any kitchen. It enhances the room’s beauty, and it makes cooking comfortable, safe, and clean. But, with so many varieties of under cabinet lights, it can be really overwhelming to choose the right ones. The good news is, whatever kind of chef you are, there’s an under cabinet light out there for you!

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It all depends on how you use your kitchen…

For the Clean Chef

If you like crisp lines and sparkling countertops, fluorescent under cabinet lights will fit your sleek, modern eye. Don’t worry – these aren’t the outdated flickering greenish fluorescents that might first come to mind. The latest fluorescent fixtures are known for their bright crisp light that compliments shiny white and stainless steel, while making sure you spot every. last. crumb.

For the Visual Chef

Not happy with your food (or your kitchen) until it looks exactly perfect? Xenon under cabinet lights might be just what you need. They give off an attractive warm light with a flawless color rendering, so everything will appear just as you intended it. Xenon lights are also fully dimmable, so you can change their brightness when the mood strikes you.

For the Passionate Chef

Some might call your intense cooking style romantic; others might say it’s scatterbrained. If you hate recipes, but love to dirty up the whole kitchen and taste things with your fingers, flipping a light switch when your hands are full of tzatziki might be too much to muster. Instead, motion sensor under cabinet lights will turn on when you need them, letting you focus on what’s important.

For the Green Chef 

If your countertops are crowded with spoils from your vegetable garden, planted in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, LED under cabinet lights are your ideal choice. They’re one of the most energy efficient light sources around, so you’ll never have to skimp on sustainability. They also produce minimal heat, keeping your produce fresh for longer.

For the Anti-Chef

Perhaps you don’t consider yourself a chef at all. If microwave dinners and tater tots from the freezer are your idea of a good meal, and you limit your time in the kitchen to a bare minimum, you might want to consider just a few puck lights to illuminate the places you go most. Ensuring that you can see properly during you limited time in the kitchen will make sure it stays that way – limited.

Annie Josey is a blogger at Pegasus Lighting, a nationally recognized lighting retailer committed to helping everyone have fun and functional lighting in the kitchen and beyond.

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