From the Homeowners Eyes: Submitting the Request

I bought a foreclosure last year and I have been learning the joys of being a homeowner ever since.  From the easy projects like painting and ripping up carpet to the more extensive work like having the roof completely replaced or the siding torn off and re-done; I’ve gotten to experience them all and there is still so much more to come.


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This year was my first full winter in my house and I found out the hard way that my insulation was below standards.  Two extremely high energy bills will point that out to your pocket book! I tried to wait it out and hoped that maybe it would get better but the Colorado winter hit hard with freezing temperatures and frigid winds.  After two nights in a row of listening to the furnace run all night I decided it was time to get insulation companies out to give me price estimates.  Although I didn’t want to spend the money on this, (I would much rather remodel my kitchen or put up a privacy fence) I submitted in a request through HomeAdvisor the next evening.

HomeAdvisor Follow-Up

Image Credit: Mandy Black

I was matched with three companies and within minutes I got a phone call from a company who set an appointment for the next week.  While I was finalizing my appointment with them, I got a voicemail from the second company.  I had appointments set and ready to go.The third company did not call until the next morning which concerned me; did they really want my business or was I just another customer?

After I set appointments with each company, I checked out their reviews.  HomeAdvisor lets the professionals collect verified ratings and reviews from previous clients matched to them.  All three companies had several excellent reviews to read through and it actually ended up helping me decide on the service professional I hired; you’ll hear about this decision in my next post.

My Advice:

Homeowners – Make sure to talk to each company you are matched with.  It is worthwhile to review three estimates.  Also, check out CostGuide before you go forward with the project to get an approximate ballpark for your area.

Service Professionals – Call or email as soon as you get a chance to, it will make the homeowner feel like you want to earn their business.  Make yourself stand out from the others and get the ratings and reviews from your customers; it would have swayed my decision if one of them had poor or no reviews.

Author Bio: Mandy Black is the Online Customer Liaison for HomeAdvisor. Mandy has been a Colorado resident for 21 years. She recently purchased a foreclosure in Golden, CO where she has quickly become an expert in DIY projects. 

2 thoughts on “From the Homeowners Eyes: Submitting the Request

  1. It’s good to get some prospective from the homeowners viewpoint. Sometimes we get so used to looking at everything from the contractors perspective we forget what it is like to be a homeowner dealing with contractors.

  2. Thanks Tyler! This is my first house where I have had to do several updates. I have been doing several myself but have also hired several professionals. Working for HomeAdvisor, I can see some of the disconnect only because I work with contractors everyday at work. I hope you enjoy the series!

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