Garden Storage Ideas

If you’re an avid gardener, you know that your tools—rakes, shovels, trowels and lawnmowers—all need to be stored somewhere. A garden shed is a great solution, but like all other storage spots, it will get full eventually. You can either buy storage aids, or you can recycle some materials to make them yourself; below are some clever garden storage ideas.

Garden Tools

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Don’t Go Off the Wall

If you have a push or riding lawnmower, you have to keep it on the floor, but what about your garden rakes, shovels and hoes? Long-handled tools are easily stored in commercially-bought racks, or you can solve the problem yourself by driving long nails into scrap 2x4s and using them as pegs. Position the tools heads-up between the nails; for smaller tools, you can attach a magnet bar (like the ones mechanics use).

Look at the Ceiling

If you’re looking for another way to store your smaller handled tools, you can find solutions in a variety of sources. Buy a pot rack and hang your tools by running a string through the handle; you can also make a rack from an old bicycle rim or gate, hung by a chain. Your rarely-used tools can be placed across your garden shed’s rafters—that way, they’ll be up and out of your way, but still accessible.

Garden Tools

Image Source: Flickr

Put Small Things in Small Places

Seed packets can easily be stored in a short piece of aluminium channel attached to the wall, or you can go even simpler and affix wooden clothespins right to a stud. Photo binders (the ones with the plastic sleeves) are another great place to store small stuff like notes and packets. If your garden shed’s interior is unfinished, you can use scrap lumber to build shelves between the studs; these shelves are the perfect size for books, metal cans, glass jars and small garden storage boxes or baskets.

Easy and Cheap Shelving

When you need garden shelving, look no further than your local lumber yard. Plywood sheeting can easily be used to make shelf brackets; measure a sheet into 32 12” squares, and cut each square in two. Nail the triangles four feet apart on an unfinished wall, and you’ll have supports for shelves 8 ½” deep. Heavier items can be stored on shelves with closer supports and thicker boards.

Get Back to Basics

We’ve spent some time discussing more complex storage solutions—now it’s time to keep it simple. Small things like wire or string can be very useful when it comes to gardening but they can also be hard to find. Keep all your garden twine and wire in one place (and make it easier to reach or cut) by putting it on a toilet paper holder, turned on one side.

You probably don’t devote as much time to organizing your garden and shed as you do to the rest of your home, but they are just as important. By using the storage solutions in the list above, you can keep all your gardening supplies neatly tucked away, but still very accessible.

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