Getting the Most Out of Your Executive Office Furniture

Research shows that Americans clock some of the longest hours of workers from developed nations around the world at an average of 1,800 hours per year. This is about 150 hours more than European standards. That’s a lot of time to spend in uncomfortable furniture.

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If you consider how much time and effort you put into choosing your furniture at home, you’ll see how important it is to choose your executive office furniture with extreme care. For example, choosing what type of Visitor Meeting Room Chairs you purchase can absolutely change whether or not you close a deal from visiting clients. Work can be a chore, but at least you can slave away in comfort and style.

Below is a list of tips for choosing the best possible executive office furniture for your needs.

Choose For Comfort

There’s a reason I put this one first: comfort is the name of the game. It doesn’t matter if your desk chair looks like a million bucks; you won’t impress anyone if you’re hunched over in pain or screaming in frustration. Take each piece you’re considering buying for a test drive? How does it fit? How does it feel? This is especially important if you fall outside the middle range for height or weight.

A lot of executive office furniture is mass produced, which means someone who is much taller or shorter than average might have a harder time finding pieces that are comfortable. This is also a reason to see how different pieces of furniture work together. If you are in love with your office chair but desperately crave a new desk, don’t fork over your credit card before figuring out how they will function together.

If you’re 6’4”, you might want to check to make sure your knees don’t knock against the sliding keyboard shelf. If you can’t get your chair and your desk in the same room before making a purchase, try taking measurements of the piece you already have. Then you can find one of comparable size in the store to test the waters. Do not underestimate the power of comfort to completely transform your life at the office.

Choose For Functionality

 Like comfort, functionality deserves a top spot when you’re making your decisions. In order to decide which pieces are right for you, consider making a list before you go shopping of all the regular tasks you perform in your office. Do you sit for six hours out of the day? Are you constantly swiveling around or sliding from one end of the desk to the other to grab different files? Are you up and down, back and forth across the office like you’re running a circuit? All of these working styles may call for different types of furniture.

When making this list of functionality must-haves, be honest with yourself. Don’t say, “Well I’m planning on getting my files organized so I don’t have to run around so much,” and then buy a super heavy chair that won’t budge an inch. In this instance, office furniture is the opposite of office attire; plan for the worker you are, not the worker you hope to become.

Choose For Style

Now we’re down to what everyone really cares about — style. There’s no reason you shouldn’t take style into consideration when purchasing your new executive office furniture. After all, a major part of business is image, and choosing the right style of furniture can say almost as much about you as a power suit. When it comes to office furniture, the one style don’t is letting your new set overpower you. If a coworker or potential client comes into your office, you want them to be listening to you, not staring at the weird carved lion heads protruding from the corners of your desk.

Choose one style, be it streamlined and modern or traditional and commanding, and stick to it. This is especially important for wooden furniture. Do not mix woods or finishes. When done right it looks avant-garde, but when done wrong (which is 99% of the time) it is an eyesore. No matter what direction you decide to go in, you want to look polished and professional.

Don’t Choose For Price

Now I’m not saying price is not an issue. For many, it’s the number one issue. I’m just stressing that, as much as possible, you should choose comfort and function over price. That hundred dollars you save on the desk with less storage won’t mean much when you have to spend the next few years rummaging through piles of papers stacked on the side of your desk.

Weigh your options carefully, and consider the investment you’re making when you buy executive office furniture.

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