Good House Cleaning Is More Important Than Ever


When selling house cleaning services to the general public, it’s easy to talk about presenting yourself and your home to the world: A clean house signals to family, friends, and guests that you care about your appearance and indicates how you want to be seen. From the items strewn across your coffee table to looking through your medicine cabinet, people have a tendency to size you up by the appearance and visible contents of your home. But you can always clean up on Saturday afternoon before the party. Controlling bugs, toxins, and mold, however, require greater diligence and, arguably, even greater diligence than 20 years ago. Resurgent microbes and new toxins are presenting dangers for your home, and appearances aside, substantive house cleaning has never been more important.

Bed Bugs, Swine Flu and Coronavirus: House Cleaning Urgency?

Bed bugs, at one time all but gone from the U.S., have returned with a vengeance. Infestations have tripled since 2005 and persistent outbreaks now span the country from Honolulu to Miami, Chicago to Houston. Traditionally, bed bugs carry with them a stigmatism of poverty and bad personal hygiene, but bad hygiene has little to do with bed bug infestations. In fact, people who travel a lot and sleep in hotels are a considerably higher risk group. Notoriously difficult to find, bed bugs can be killed through the heat of the washing machine or by the cold of your freezer. If nothing else, frequently washing your clothes, bedding, and vacuuming will make it easier (and cheaper) for pest control to finish the job.

The swine flu virus can stay viable for 2-8 hours after being deposited onto surfaces such as books and doorknobs, according to the Center for Disease Control. Yet, everything from temperature to surface content will affect this time period. Refrigerator doors treated with disinfectant isn’t going to present a hospitable environment for the headline-maker. Good house cleaning is, by no means, a guarantee and shouldn’t be the only precaution you take against catching swine flu. But, as the traditional flu season threatens to accelerate the spread of the contagion, it’s one more weapon in your prevention arsenal.

The Coronavirus is another huge reason that we should be keeping our houses clean. Keeping your house clean and disinfected is the best way to protect yourself from the horrible virus as well as all the other viruses we have mentioned. It might be helpful for you to visit a website like, to learn more about how to disinfect your home, particularly if you are a high-risk person. No one wants to catch any sort of virus, particularly if it could have life-threatening consequences for you and your family. So keep your home clean and germ-free!

Faux Cleaning: No Substitute for a Clean House

You must always clean and disinfect. An unscrupulous house cleaner may use quick cleaning methods to “move the dirt around” and eventually get your surfaces looking clean without fully ridding these surfaces of germs. A homeowner may use bleach assuming an all-purpose disinfectant is all that is really needed for a safe living environment. The truth is unless you first clean, opening up nooks and crevices, and then disinfect, your household surfaces may still harbor microorganisms and/or toxins. Having the right kind of cleaning equipment can help you to ensure that you are cleaning your home properly, for instance, looking for the best cordless vacuums could help you with reaching hard to reach places, allowing you to get rid of any dust build-ups that have culminated over the years.

Homes built between 2004-2007 may be at risk from Chinese-made drywall that emits sulfur gas. One of the first warning signs? The smell of rotten eggs. Your ability to pick up on misplaced smells-from sulfur gas to toxic mold-is one of the most valuable weapons in keeping a truly clean and safe home. Occasionally lighting a candle or Febreze for your bathroom and pets is one thing, but plastering your home with deodorizers in every room may not be the best plan. Ask yourself: What are these deodorizers covering up?

Find Reputable, Professional House Cleaning Services

It’s important to be honest about your lifestyle and weekly habits. There is no shame in not being able to find the time to clean your house with good fundamental technique that includes cleaning and disinfecting. But now, with countries across the world being hit by the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to take the time to give your work or living environment a thorough deep clean. Luckily, you can enlist the help of professional commercial cleaning companies like Biostatic Corp to do this for you. Not only can they disinfect and clean every inch of your environment, but you don’t have to worry about doing this yourself, especially if you are struggling to find the time to do so, as many people, for example, have been putting in extra hours at work to help the company weather the recession. As it’s already been said, there are lots of different affordable and professional house cleaning services are out there. A good way to find a house cleaning service is by searching for one in google and make sure when searching that you include the area where you live for example if you live in Chicago you would be best to input the text “Chicago House Cleaning“, once you hit enter the page will fill with results of house cleaning companies in Chicago, just remember to make sure you include your town or city in your search to ensure you find a local company. Aside from window washers and carpet cleaners, ServiceMagic has nearly 3,000 fully licensed and pre-screened maid service professionals. Of the homeowners who found maid service through ServiceMagic, only 8.4% wouldn’t recommend the professional to other homeowners-not too shabby for the home improvement industry. More than just finding an honest, reputable house cleaning services that fit your budget, be sure to communicate exactly what you expect from your house cleaning. Even among professionals, not everyone’s idea of “clean” is the same. In fact, many companies offer different cleaning packages customized to your needs and budget.

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  1. Yes, it's true that your house needs to be cleaned once in awhile to get rid of dusts all around you. Also, when you have lots of things, you may just pick those that in used and those that are not, you may place them in a common room or your storage room in an organized way. In this way, your house would be clean and neat to the eyes of your visitors and your family.

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