Lawn Care: How to Make Sure Your Yard Looks and Stays Green and Beautiful

Image provided by author
Image provided by author

A beautiful lawn is not going to pop up overnight, and families need to get proactive about their yard and do some serious research if they want to keep it healthy. While every lawn is going to be slightly different due to variables such as the type of grass that is growing, local pests, and annual rainfall, there are some simple tips that every homeowner can keep in mind when it comes to a healthy, green, and vibrant yard.

Water for the Lawn You Want
One of the most difficult parts about caring for a lawn is getting the watering right. Many owners use a timer to water their lawn every morning, but this is not the ideal option in every situation. The key to healthy grass is to force the roots to grow deeper, and this only happens when they are searching for water. Owners can start by providing the lawn with one inch of water for every 12 inches of soil if the grass is actively growing. Once the roots have grown as deep as possible, a few minutes of watering in the early hours of the morning will maintain those roots.

Start Mowing Correctly
Improper mowing is another habit that many people have without even realizing it. If the grass is mowed too short, then it will actually shock the grass and could cause it to die. Those that allow their grass to grow too long may actually be helping weeds grow. A good rule to go by is cutting around a quarter of the total length of grass once the grass blades are tall enough to begin drooping. It is also important to keep the lawnmower’s blades sharp and well balanced for a clean cut.

Pick the Best Fertilizer
Finding the best fertilizer can be quite confusing because there are so many options available and every single lawn has slightly different needs. This is why it is best to always consult with a local specialist on what type of fertilizer to use and when to apply it. Nitrogen is generally the most important ingredient in a fertilizer and your lawn needs a blend of fast-release and slow-release pellets. This should be done at least a handful of times every year on dry grass so the fertilizer will not stick to the blades and burn the lawn.

Leaving items on your grass is not only unsightly, but it will quickly begin to kill the grass due to a lack of sunlight and extreme temperatures. Items such as kids’ pools and hoses can kill any plants they are on top of in as little as a few days. If you must use a hose or sprinkler to water your lawn, then it is important to move them as soon as possible after they are no longer needed. Spot training any pets will also prevent their droppings and urine from causing brown and yellow patches.

Bring In the Pros
Tackling a second-rate lawn is not always an easy job to carry out alone and it will require daily or weekly work in those first few months. Specialists from companies like Classic Jack, landscapers in Salt Lake City can at the very least help homeowners lay a good foundation when it comes to biannual fertilizing, correct mowing techniques, and adjusting sprinklers to the ideal settings. Due to the fact that plant life can change dramatically every few miles, homeowners want to find a landscaper that understands the nuances of local flora and the weather.

Once the foundation of a good lawn has been laid, owners will be able to maintain a vibrant and healthy lawn with minimal work throughout the year.

Author: Lizzie Weakley