Money-Saving Tips To Keep In Mind When Building Your Own Home

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Building your own home is a dream for many people, and it often involves a lot of hard work and a lot of expense. Thankfully, there are ways that you can cut costs when building your own home.

Use Salvaged Materials

Many people can save a bundle on the material costs of building their home by using salvaged lumber, windows and even insulation. You can find these salvaged materials online or start asking around at local construction and demolition companies.

Use the Help of Professionals

There are many established companies and professionals that can save you a great deal of money when building a new home. They can come up with a floor plan the fits your needs and build it quickly so you can move in sooner. Professionals can also help find lots that work well for your family at a good price.

Barter/Trade Help

If you have friends or family that are skilled in any building trades, you may be able to do what many old-fashioned communities have done. Have them help you build, in exchange for your physical labor later. You may even be able to barter goods and skills as well as your return physical labor. The old saying, “many hands make light work” still applies.

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

Add as much insulation to the home as you can possibly afford. This will lower your heating and cooling costs tremendously. Additionally, it is far easier and less expensive to add insulation while building than to add it when the building process is done.

Use Passive or Free Energy

Passive energy could be as simple as adding a wall of windows facing the south to add heat to your home, or building the home under shade trees to lower the costs of cooling in the summer. By thinking ahead and placing your home in a good spot, you can utilize a lot of free energy. You may also consider adding solar panels during the building process to further remove your costs on the grid.

Use Energy Saving Utilities

When installing the toilets, water heaters, washers, dryers and other utilities in the home, be sure to find the most economically-friendly options on the market. Even if the units do cost a bit more initially, they will help you save a great deal of money on utility bills and will often pay for themselves within just a few years. Thanks to the “green” movement, you can easily find such units in about every store and even online.

It can be incredibly easy to save money on home building expenses when you think outside the box. Follow these tips to get started on having the home of your dreams without overstretching your budget.

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about home, family and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing. Informational credit to Princeton Classic Homes.