Home Remodeling Tips: Garage Doors 101

The largest moving part of the home is also one of the most visible. Not only do garage doors add curb appeal to your home, they can also improve property value. Consider these factors the next time you’re considering remodeling your garage doors to get the most for your investment.

Garage Door

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Choice of Materials

The variety of materials available to make garage doors will impact how much annual maintenance is required, how much punishment they can take and how long they will last. Some examples are as follows:

Steel doors offer a classic design as well as the traditional carriage house style. These doors are durable needing only minimal cleaning and maintenance.
Vinyl doors are longer lasting and suited to areas subjected to severe weather. They are rust-free, dent resistant and never need repainting.

Fiberglass doors have the look of real wood with a natural grain appearance. Their construct is of durable steel.

Real wooden doors offer classic craftsmanship. While they may need a fresh coat of paint or staining from time to time, they make a perfect complement to any architectural style.

Aluminum and glass doors offer the most sophisticated look and modern features, including a variety of glass options. While aluminum doors are require no maintenance, they do not have the same level of insulation as the other doors.


Garage door insulation has reached a level of performance that answers consumer demands for cost saving energy efficiency while allowing this space to be used as either an extended work space or a comfortable room for social gatherings. Higher R-value thermal insulation is responsible for reducing the noises from outside.

Polystyrene insulation may be thicker but may not have the same R-value as a polyurethane insulated door. Insulation will expand in the process of manufacturing tightly filling the spaces and bonding to the skins between the panels. This process produces a better insulated garage door of great strength with quiet operation.


It may once have seemed strange to put windows in garage doors. However, the advantages are soon realized when you see the visual difference and appreciate the ability to see outside and allow natural light in to brighten the space. There is a wide range of window design options for today’s modern garage doors.


Safety has always been paramount when it comes to the largest moving part of the home. Further, with spring loaded mechanisms that are under tremendous pressure, automatic features have built-in auto-stop and auto-reverse functions. The bottom brackets are made tamper resistant to reduce risk of injury.

In addition, pinch-resistant features are designed to push objects such as fingers away from harm should they be inadvertently placed too closely to the moving door. Finally, in the event of fire, the polyurethane insulation adds improved fire safety as it performs as a barrier in reducing the amount of smoke and flames.


The cost of garage door repair is best weighed against the fact that the expense is made once and won’t be made again for a very long time, if ever. At the same time, your garage door has significant impact on how the rest of the home is kept safe and secure over time. Elevating the property value, preserving the integrity of the home’s stability, and enhancing curb appeal are just some of the considerations that can come into play.

That being said, it is surprising how affordable garage doors have become. In most cases, people are guilty of doubling the price when they guessing how much it will be. In general, the most expensive doors are those made of premium wood followed by fiberglass, then steel, then uninsulated steel, and finally lower grade wooden doors. Remember that most garage door repair companies will offer financing options. Garages are great to have, so it’s important that they’re kept in great condition. They should be pretty strong and sturdy for the most part, however, garage doors can become damaged or can break. If that happens, it’s important to call out some Garage door repair technicians in Timonium, or wherever you live, to fix the problem and get your garage door working again. Many homeowners find that garage door repair gets their door working again effectively, ensuring the security of the house and the curb appeal remains.

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