Home Renovation as a New Year’s Resolution

If you have made New Year’s resolutions already, hopefully you did not forget some things that need to be done to update your home. Most people wait until a home needs work or when an appliance needs repair to make updates. However, keeping things looking good and running smoothly can add value to your real estate property. The following are some low-cost improvements to get you started. Although none are costly, they are all worthwhile investments in creating a home that will maintain value and be energy efficient.

New Year's Resolutions

Invest in paint and flooring. If you have lived in your home for a while, you may not realize that carpets and walls are dirty. If you move, you will see how badly your home needs freshness that new paint and carpet can bring. The best aspect about painting is that it is a good do-your-self-project, project, so go to your local paint store and grab some color cards. Bring the cards home and compare them to your furniture and accessories. Choose a paint with the primer already built in. This will require fewer coats and will do a better job of covering bright or very dark colors. You will probably want to hire an installer to put in new carpet, but the result will be worth it.

New appliances can make a difference in the look of your home and can make it more energy efficient. If you have mismatched appliances or those that are left over from the eighties or nineties, now is the time for an upgrade. You will enjoy the extra amenities that new appliances bring and the savings on your energy bill when you choose appliances with the Energy Star rating. You might also qualify for additional tax credits.

If new paint and carpet are not in the budget, consider going green with low-flow showerheads and compact fluorescent bulbs. Both improvements are low-cost changes that can save energy and money. When your living in an area with high monthly cost like NY Real Estate every dollar counts.
Finally, protect your home by adding a security system or updating your current system. Not only will you protect your home, but you will give your family added peace of mind. So when you are adding things to your New Years resolution list, make sure to remember that to live in comfort is the best gift of all.

This information was written by Ken Torrino, web relations for Elliman, brokers for New York City real estate.

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  2. Absolutely great points!..It could be because I am a realtor that I am so passionate about people fixing up their homes. There is nothing worse then showing a home and it have old, dirty carpet, needs a new paint job, or the appliances are out dated. That is the easiest way to put off prospective buyers and easily will keep your home on the market much longer then you want resulting in lower contract price. This points are highly important regardless of if you are selling a house in Charleston, SC, NY, or CA, it matters not, as all prospective buyers think the same. Not to mention if you have these issues chances are there are more issues then just cosmetic.

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