3 Ways Home Services Websites Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals


Websites like HomeAdvisor (widely known as home services marketplaces) can do more than generate new leads for your business. In fact, most offer tools and services to help you win and keep customers in a technology-focused world. Here are three ways online marketplaces can help you easily and efficiently achieve your business goals:

GOAL #1: Win More Jobs

The majority of today’s homeowners use the Internet to find professionals and schedule home services appointments. Online marketplaces make it easy for them to find you. And, they allow you to submit the detailed business profiles, photos of past work and other information that will convince new customers that you’re the right pro for the job.

GOAL #2: Build a Good Reputation for Your Business

Verified online ratings and reviews are a great way to prove to potential customers that you’re the best at what you do. Homeowners seek and trust online reviews from their peers. And online marketplaces make it easy for them to find (and submit) glowing comments about your work on past projects. What’s more, marketplaces make it easy for you to respond to those comments, which helps you further boost your reputation and enhance your credibility.

GOAL #3: Streamline Scheduling Process

Some websites, such as HomeAdvisor, allow homeowners to instantly book appointments online (without requiring either party to make a phone call). And, they provide appointment reminders, calendar syncing and other tools to help you manage and remember those appointments. With scheduling assistance from online marketplaces, you can ensure that you’re always making a good impression. And a good impression goes a long way when it comes to repeat business and referrals.

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