Building Technology: Houses Made of Landfill Leftovers

Would you live in a house made of rubbish? Landfill leftovers (or items headed that way) like industrial plastics and tubing, household heaps of broken televisions, appliances, plastics, etc., are now being recycled into a material stronger than concrete to make walls for housing construction. This relatively new technology enables engineers to create a building material called thermo-poly rock that is substantial, water-proof, durable, and very inexpensive. Amazing as it sounds, recycled trash is now taking us one step closer to an answer for affordable or replacement housing. Now that’s quite a treasure!

This is a guest post by Skaie Knox at DiggersList is a nation-wide online free home improvement classifieds that allows contractors, property owners, suppliers and DIY enthusiasts to buy, sell, trade or donate thousands of excess home improvement and construction materials.

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  1. I am very poor and disabled. I would lie to Know more about these rubbish homes

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