How Green Is That Cleaning Product?

You want to do what’s best for the environment and for the health of your family, so you buy the (oftentimes more expensive) cleaning product that claims to be “green” or better for the environment than traditional cleaning products.  The product may not have a strong scent, and it may clean surfaces just fine – but does it have harmful chemicals that you may not realize? Are you getting the whole story about what’s really inside that container?

Image credit: Alair Homes
Image credit: Alair Homes

A recent article in the New York Daily News reports that some cleaners may not be as eco-friendly as advertised.  In fact, some products may even contain toxic chemicals although they claim to be “green.” The article goes on to say that Federal law doesn’t require the listing of all ingredients on containers of non-food items, which may be giving manufacturers a loophole for omitting details about what’s inside.

So, what’s a well-intended consumer to do? Consider doing some homework about the products you purchase, and don’t assume that every label is telling the whole story. Purchase only brands you trust, and read related consumer reports and articles to stay informed about industry trends.

Of course, you can always make your own safe and natural cleaning products, which may save you money and shopping time, while possibly being even safer for the environment, your home, and your family. You may even have some of the ingredients on hand right now.  Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, salt, and borax are popular natural cleaning product ingredients that are also staples in many kitchens.

Regardless of the products you choose, save time on cleaning chores with these household cleaning tips.  After all, no one wants to spend more time than necessary on house cleaning.

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