How to Add Value to Your Home

Adding Value to Your Home

A house is one of the most important places for any human being. A house directly reflects the lifestyle the homeowner(s) lead. While location is a factor in marketability of the house, certain renovations can increase the value of any home. A rehabilitated home is more attractive and will attract more buyers. If you want to raise the value of your house before selling it, follow these simple tips:

Cleaning Up the House and Property

A cluttered house and property are very unattractive to the eyes of potential clients. Not only does clutter make a house look smaller but it can push customers away. Clearing clutter makes it possible to create more space for value-adding facilities like a home gym. Space gives the house ambiance and can increase the house value by around 20%.

Do not confine cleaning to the perimeter of your house walls; take it outside too. A non-cluttered landscape allows you to model your property to your client’s specifications. A rocking seat will make a front porch very convenient for those evening summer drinks.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most used rooms in a house. They are the ultimate house sellers. It’s important to give them a major facelift when it’s time to part ways with your house. While remodeling can make its value skyrocket, simply changing the floors or cabinets can increase its value by 3- 7%.

Roofing Improvements

Although it might not be visible, an old or leaky roof gives an air of neglect to the house. Replacing the roofing materials and adding incentives like solar panels not only makes the house valuable but they also ensure that the house has reliable power. Experts estimate the increase in value from adding roof improvements such as solar panels to around 1-6% of the quoted price.

Painting and Enhancing the Exterior and Interior

Painting not only brightens the house but also gives the house a touch of freshness . Replacing broken windows and smoothing the house walls makes its exteriors beautiful. Unique patterns make the walls beautiful and hence, raise the house’s value.

Finally, if you want your house to be “hot” when putting it up for sale; investing in its infrastructure will do you no harm. Nothing is more attractive to a potential client than a well-maintained house.

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