How to Beautify your Patio with Outdoor Retractable Screens

Today almost every homeowner wishes to have a nice spacious patio in their yard. Homeowners love to benefit from the spaces on their property. Patios are a wonderful place to sit together for tea, spend quality time with the family, reminisce about the past, have a nice chat with friends, spend a romantic evening with the lover; a patio suffices for all these precious moments. But these moments can become irritating if insects and the strong sun rays keep testing you. A great option to enclose and protect yourself and your guests from insects and the sun are retractable screens for your patio!

Retractable Screens

Retractable screens are an innovative, practical, convenient and affordable solution to any outdoor problems you may have. Not only this, but these screens don’t ruin the view from your patio.  They don’t come in your way and don’t hinder your experience in any way, meaning you still get a view of the outdoors as well as that cool breeze which brought you outside in the first place!.  Retractable screens can be customized to suit your needs.  They can be made to fit any size opening, and can either be operated manually or by a remote control.

The foremost advantage of having a retractable screen is that these screens retract when they aren’t being used. The retractable screens are now widely being used at entry doors, sliding doors, garage doors, windows and patios.  They can easily be installed when you are building a new home or even in your existing home as well. The screens give you the benefit of an outdoor environment when raised and a closed environment when you desire but the experience of the outdoors remains the same giving you the best of both worlds!

Options While Choosing Retractable Screens

If you have decided about buying retractable screens for your patio, you’ll have many options to choose from; here are some:

Manual or Motorized

Retractable screens are both manual and motorized. Your choice will depend upon your budget and your preferences.

  • Manual Screens: Manual screens serve the same purpose as a motorized screen. These have adjustable handles and are still easy to open and close.
  • Motorized Screens: Motorized retractable screens come with many benefits such as  allowing you the option of choosing  the fabric for blocking sunlight, keeping out insects  from your patio,  giving you privacy even while you are outdoors, and preventing the screens from slamming against one another.
  • Motion Sensors: You can also choose the motion sensor option which is best if you have pets at home or if you need to have wheelchair or scooter access.

Screen Mesh Fabric

Retractable screens have different fabric options as well:

  • Pet Mesh Fabric: Pet Mesh fabric is a convenient fabric if you are looking for the ultimate protection, durability and resistance against damages that pets or children can cause to your screen.
  • Standard Fiberglass Mesh Fabric: This fabric is made from strong fiberglass mesh which protects against insects and mosquitoes.
  • Solar Fiberglass Mesh Fabric: Not only does this fabric provide you protection from insects but it also protects against UV rays. It keeps your patio cooler and more comfortable than other fabrics as it reduces the sun’s glare.

Wind Resistance

If you plan on buying a retractable screen, consider the wind loads in your area. Based on the wind loads, choose the screen that is best for you.  Some retractable screens will have more wind durability than others. While some will give you complete protection from the wind and will not be damaged from strong winds, other screens may still allow for you to feel the breeze as part of your outdoor enclosed patio experience.

Once your retractable screens have been customized according to your needs and your outdoor area, you will have the option of choosing from a variety of colours and various mounting options. Retractable screens allow you the benefit of customizing everything the way you like.

Benefits of Retractable Screens                      

If you’ve decided to buy retractable screens for your patio or if you are considering it, learning the benefits of such a decision for your home, may help you make up your mind:

·         Retractable screens draw back without slamming or pinching your fingers.

·         They are easily installable in your new or existing home.

·         Retractable screens are available at affordable costs with a variety of options.

·         Motion sensors are a unique feature which you can opt for if needed.

·         Most retractable screens have RTM series screen features which help in easily operating the screen.

·      Fiberglass screens are available as an option, ensuring   durability as well as many other benefits which you will reap by using fiberglass.

So, install a retractable screen for your patio and get the outdoorsy feeling that you’ve always wanted when the screens are raised, or the enclosed patio environment when the screens are in use. But either way, you’ll love the new protection without compromising on the quality and feel of the outdoors. If you never want to leave your patio again, it won’t be surprising!  These products are custom made and designed for your optimal use and convenience so that you are fully satisfied with the result!

This article was written by David Darga, on behalf of Rose Sun Window Coverings, a motorization specialist in Toronto that features motorized blinds and retractable screens.