How to Choose the Right Windows for Your Loft Conversion

Choosing the right windows is an essential part of planning a good quality loft conversion. Not only will your choice define how much natural light you get access to, it will also complete the overall look of the conversion and the maintain the right level of ventilation. But what are your options when it comes to choosing the right product for your loft?

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Adding Extra Light to Your Space

Known in the double glazing industry as roof lights, this type of window is an extremely popular choice amongst homeowners looking to add some light and perzazz to their converted loft. There are a number of different makes and models of roof windows, all of which offer a discreet way to add some life to your loft. Roof windows are also extremely easy to install and relatively inexpensive, which is perfect if you have very little money left in the pot following an expensive conversion.

Roof lights however may not be suitable for conversions that have limited head clearance and require windows to add extra space internally. Roof lights don’t protrude internally or externally, which is perfect if you wish to create a seamless exterior look. Due to the nature of these roof lights, you can also add more products to your roof (subject to building control) which means more light can flood into your loft room, making it an even more habitable part of your home.

A Window of Opportunity

Many lofts have limited headroom and your window choice could just save you a lot of bumps as well as increase the chances of getting the building consent you need to complete a conversion. Dormer windows can be used to add head clearance to smaller, more angular lofts. Dormer windows can even be installed to allow extra room for a shower or staircase to make your new loft space even more useful.

Whilst the extra headroom may increase your chances of getting planning permission, the exterior appearance of a dormer window may be a negative for local planning officers. Many officers restrict the use of dormer windows to the rear of the house, to prevent the exterior appearance being affected too much. Check with your local planning office before choosing the perfect double glazed window for your conversion.

Planning Permission for Loft Windows

Planning rules on loft windows vary from area to area depending on your home’s location, age and safety. Unless you live in a conservation area, the addition of roof lights should not require planning permission, whilst the installation of dormer windows will need to be carried out carefully in accordance with any laws involving the exterior appearance of your home. Building regulations much also be adhered to; fire safety, insulation and ventilation are all major points to consider.

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