How to Keep Your Home Pest-Free for the Winter

Winter is not the end of pest problems around your house. Colder weather means many pests will try to seek shelter indoors, and you must ensure that your home does not make a welcome environment for mice, cockroaches, ants, and other critters. Here are few tips to help you make sure your home is pest-proofed for the duration of winter.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Remove excess leaves, twigs and debris from your gutters and downspouts. These piles can be the perfect hiding place for insects and rodents that can eventually find their way into your home. Bag up the debris and enclose with a twist tie for proper disposal.

Check Seals Around Doors and Windows

Insects can take advantage of any small crack or opening around windows or doors. Check the seals around doors to ensure that no opening allows access into the property. Caulk around windows to prevent small insects from finding their way into your home and setting up camp for the winter. Have cracked or holes in window glass repaired for both energy savings and pest control.

Fix Basement Problems

Moisture in the basement can bring a number of unwelcome visitors to your home during the winter months, including carpenter ants, pillbugs and termites. Do a quick termite inspection of crawl spaces and other areas around the basement where subterranean termites are often found. Do repairs on foundation cracks and holes where insects can gain entry. Have a reputable company do a full termite inspection annually to prevent structural damage.

Store Firewood Away From the House

Pest experts advise homeowners to keep their firewood piles well away from the house. This is a good method of rodent and termite prevention. Carpenter ants, spiders and termites find these piles the perfect breeding areas, and will quickly utilize the warmth and food sources found in your home. Store the wood at least 30 feet from the house and foundation for optimum termite prevention.

Keep Debris, Leaves and Mulch Away From Foundations

Mulch helps to keep moisture in the soil around valuable plants and trees, but it can also attract termites, carpenter ants and other outdoor pests. Remove mulch from planting beds, or at least keep the mulch from touching the foundation of your home. This can be an effective method of pest control for the winter months to make your home less hospitable for pests. In addition, remove piles of leaves, wood and other debris from your yard and near the foundation to prevent them from being used as hiding places for pests during the winter.

Trim Trees
Before the snow and ice arrive; trim your trees and bushes of any branches that overhang the roof area, windows and vents. These branches can be major access areas for insects and rodents to find warmth during the winter months. Vines that climb your brick exterior can be another way that termites and other insects find access to your home interior. Remove these as part of your winter pest control efforts.

Keep Food Areas Crumb-Free

Kitchen clean-up tasks are just important during the winter months. Insects will find any small particle of food left behind, and one bug can bring in many others. Keep foods in sealed containers or in the refrigerator. Clean up all spills immediately and be careful to remove sticky foods from kitchen and family room surfaces.

Author Bio: Rose McMillan is an experienced pest control professional, turned freelance writer. She enjoys the outdoors and blogging. You can visit her blog Pest Control Tips & Tricks for more preventative tips to keep your home pest free,


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  1. Basement problems can lead a way to various pests into home. If you have an especially serious pest infestation,it is better to hire a professional exterminator. They will suggest you strategies to keep future pests under control.

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