How to Prevent Fire in Your Kitchen

There is no mistaking that kitchen fires can be dangerous, and due to the nature of your kitchen it is one of the most likely places for a fire to start. Anywhere that we have a collection of appliances designed to heat or cook food is the potential for a fire to begin or take place. You can dramatically lessen the chances of a fire in your kitchen by following a few common sense directions and tips that could save your life.

kitchen fire prevention
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Stay Alert and Stay Close By

Never leave unattended pans on the stove – If you are cooking stay in the kitchen until the dish is finished and that way it cannot cause a fire without you knowing. Leaving pans and pots cooking in either the oven, grill or stove top is the most common cause of kitchen fires and the most avoidable one also. It is much safer to turn off the stove if you have to leave the kitchen for any length of time than to leave pots and pans simmering, even if you will only be out of the room for a matter of minutes.

Dress Carefully when Cooking

Long, flowing sleeves, ties or oversized items of clothing can easily catch fire when you are cooking. You can of course cover them up with a well fitted apron but do make sure you keep loose fabrics out of the way while you are near the stove. Keep an eye on other fabric items that may or may not be near the stove also – such as towels, oven mitts and similar. Too close and they are at risk of catching fire when you least expect it.

kitchen fire prevention
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Prevention, Detection and Fire Fighting Supplies

Every home should be fitted with at least one smoke detector, these will omit a warning alarm when smoke is present in your home and can give you extra time to call the fire brigade or evacuate the building safely. Smoke detectors have saved countless lives since they were invented and they cost very little. Make sure you regularly check and change the batteries in your home smoke detectors to ensure they are working correctly. It is advisable to have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and there are various types – each is used for a different type of fire and you can get advise from your local fire station on which would be the best to have in your kitchen. But remember that it is not always possible to put out a fire on your own so the fire brigade should be called for professional help. Being prepared for every eventuality will help you avoid a fire in your kitchen.

kitchen fire prevention
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What Not to do in the Event of a Kitchen Fire

In the event of a kitchen fire you should try firstly not to panic. Call the fire brigade and then take measures to protect your family by asking them all to move outside calmly and quietly. Never throw water onto a pan full of burning oil as this will cause more harm than good and could result in the fire becoming larger. Do not attempt to lift a burning pan from the stove as you could accidentally set fire to yourself, if the fire is small place a well fitting lid onto the pan to try and extinguish the fire. If you do happen to set any of your clothing on fire then the advice is to “Stop, drop and roll” this usually will extinguish the flames quickly.

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