Keep Your House in Good Condition with Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters is probably the lowest on someone’s “to do” list because of the nature of the work. It’s tedious and requires a lot of labor. However cleaning the gutters of a home is an essential part of home maintenance because clogged gutters and storm drains can cause water damage to a home if they aren’t able to drain properly.

Luckily cleaning gutters isn’t a weekly task or a monthly task for many. It’s a task that should be completed every 3-4 months. If you don’t know when to clean your gutters, just take a look at them and you’ll know.

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Once you’ve decided to clean your gutters here are the next steps to take:

  1. Start by determining how you will access the gutters of your home. If your roof is low pitched and you’re comfortable working on the roof, then get on the roof to clean gutters. However, this is not advisable for everyone and the safest way to clean  your gutters will be to use a ladder. A stepladder, which is easier to maneuver, or an extension ladder for those higher gutters will do the trick!
  2. Once you’re securely set up and in place to clean, begin by using a garden shovel or small scoop to remove debris from the gutter. Always scoop debris away from the drain outlet, as you don’t want to clog the drain anymore. To maximize cleanup, dump the debris into a bucket as you work.
  3. Next, use a hose to wash remaining debris and dirt toward the drain outlet to reduce buildup and flush the gutter. Use a higher pressure setting on your hose if  possible.
  4. If water isn’t freely moving out of the drain outlet, then you should use a plumber’s snake to remove debris. Use the snake at the bottom of the outlet of the drain/gutter and remove as much debris as possible. Continue to test the gutter by running water through the drain. If necessary, continue removing debris using the plumber’s snake until water dispenses from the drain with ease.

While cleaning gutters isn’t the most fun of chores, it’s an important task to remember for any homeowner and something that needs to done regularly for the safety & condition of a house. Develop a schedule for when you need to clean the gutters and stick to it. It will keep your house in pristine condition.

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