Keeping Your Heater Efficient During Inconsistent Weather

Being in between seasons can be confusing for not only your fashion choices but also your home temperature. When the weather fluctuates back and forth between hot and cold daily, it is hard to know just the right temperature to keep your home without worrying about overdoing it with your heater. Some good tips for keeping your heater efficient during inconsistent weather are:

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  1. Schedule routine maintenance during the fall and check your heating filters monthly. This keeps your heater and A/C units running smoothly in any season.
  2. Get a programmable thermostat and make sure it is designed to work with your model heat pumps and high efficiency furnaces. Programmable thermostats help save energy and can change the temperature of your home for different times of day. Turn the setting down when you are away or at night to save as much energy and money as possible.
    1. A typical thermostat schedule begins at 7 am and ends at 11 pm.
7 AM Wake Up Warmer
9 AM Leave for Work Cooler
5 PM Return from Work Warmer
11 PM Bedtime Cooler
  1. Check the weather for the coming few days. By being on top of the temperature outside you can better gauge how to alter the temperature inside. If it is going to be cooler for a few days in a row, change your thermostat program to a higher setting. But not too high. The cooler it is outside, the harder your heater will have to work to heat the inside which means more cost and less efficiency. By keeping your heater on steadily and only turning it up or down a few notches at a time, your house will acclimate more smoothly and more steadily. Also, now that summer is behind us, it’s time to schedule your Blue Bell heating oil delivery.
  2. A general rule of thumb when changing seasons is to make sure to close off all vents in unused rooms to reduce costs even more. But also make sure all vents in frequented rooms are open, including checking for blockages near heating registers.
  3. Use a humidifier to keep your home more comfortable during the winter. They allow you to reduce the thermostat setting without feeling cold.
  4. Even in the fall and winter, sunny days mean heat. Open your blinds and curtains to allow natural solar heat. The sun will warm your house and you can turn the thermostat down.

Crazy weather doesn’t always have to lead to crazy bills. Keeping an eye on the forecast and utilizing a programmable thermostat will keep your heater efficient and your costs low.

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