Luxurious New York Themed Interiors

Image via So Many Places So Little Time
Image via So Many Places So Little Time

New York City is famously the place that never sleeps, and that’s certainly true when it comes to the style on offer – if it’s anything to do with interior elegance and style, you will never catch New Yorkers napping. They have always had a skill for putting together iconic looks, whether it’s the Art Deco splendor of architectural gems such as The Empire State and The Chrysler Building, the glamorous interiors of famous hotels such as The Waldorf Astoria and The Plaza or more cutting-edge buildings that are continually adding to the distinctive skyline.

New York is always reinventing itself and, in terms of the fresh and contemporary architecture cutting the skyline, there’s a lot for design aficionados to love. Leading property developers and real estate firms such as Ceruzzi Holdings, headed up by Louis Ceruzzi, are enriching the urban landscape with modern residential developments for the 21st century. Blending luxury living with fabulous locations, and stunning design that tips a respectful nod to classic New York architectural styles, the constant renewal and regeneration of this city is so much part of its unique energy.

What do you do if you want to bring some New York attitude into your home interior? Where do you start marshaling all that fabulous content into a look that’s both stylish and practical? It’s all about curating an interior template that draws on a few of the best bits; don’t go too overboard – you want it to look themed, not theme park.

Kitchen Kitsch

Image via The Telegraph
Image via The Telegraph

The New York love affair with retro 1950s diner style works a treat in kitchen interiors. Pay homage to those cathedrals of chrome, Formica and Bakelite with a modern kitchen that references the past.

Pale yellow, green and blue palettes work well on fitted units. Choose chrome-detailed cupboards reminiscent of classic cars and ocean liners of the 50s era. Select accessories and appliances that push home the retro message – an enameled pastel mixer, pretty pink fridge, a gleaming chrome toaster, bar stools lined up against a deli-style counter or a booth with vinyl banquettes for sit-down dining – it all works. Finish off with great sounds from a vintage radio or jukebox and you can dance on the monochrome checkerboard floor whilst your coffee percs.

A New York style kitchen that mixes retro memories with modern ideas has all the ingredients for a delicious style-success story.

Drawing Room Drama

Image via New Darlings
Image via New Darlings

A New York drawing room should blend comfort and luxury with dramatic detail. Manhattan is famous for its Art Deco stylings, and such elegance fits beautifully into a room designed for rest and relaxation.

White leather sofas with chrome supports, glass tabletops, angular lamps and bold prints on the walls will synchronize New York style perfectly. Deep pale carpets on gleaming wooden floors, and enough delightful Deco mirrors to reflect the glorious surroundings, help to recreate the golden age of New York without looking dated. Use a color palette of muted tones such as ivory, bitter chocolate and graphite, accented with pops of jade, violet and ochre. Ramp up the luxurious element with textiles that are tactile and soft to the touch – suede, corduroy, velvet and chenille all inject warmth and sensuality into a room.

Alternatively, teaming classic contemporary furniture silhouettes such as a Barcelona chair or Le Corbusier chaise longue in a bare-bricked lofty space with exposed pipework and industrial lighting buys into a more recent Warhol-esque New York nuance. Traditionally, interiors with generous proportions, tall windows and high ceilings are a New York trademark, and modern tastes have not changed. Today’s property seekers in New York have their dreams set on interiors that have luxury and good design in equal measure.

Living surrounded by luxurious New York style interiors introduces glamour, sophistication and elegance into your life – and who doesn’t deserve a slice of that action?

Author: Andrew Jackson