Mother’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

Our mothers spent a lot of energy on us before we were born and certainly afterwards. Keep that in mind as Mother’s Day 2014 rolls around and a lot of us start thinking about ways to celebrate our mothers.

Mother's day gift ideas
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It is possible to go beyond the standard e-card if we ask the right question, what kinds of projects could we take on, in collaboration with our mothers, to create the kinds of space that might help her?

Here are a few suggestions to think about during this Mother’s Day season. Which ones might apply to your mom? Take a look.

Clean-up the Home

Being a parent is tough. It’s not exactly a job. And it’s not just another relationship, either. It’s kind of both and one of the things that makes it special are the artifacts that are collected as that jobationship (hmmm … needs work …) progresses and as we kids get older. We’re talking about the photos, artwork, keepsakes, and other objects that are collected over the years that help our moms used to mark the time. Each piece physically represents all of the memories and histories of her life with us however all those memories can lead to clutter. So how can we help?

One idea is to offer your services to de-clutter, to help her organize all of those treasured objects into a more coherent order that makes the most sense to her. And just as it was when you were a kid, remember that mom is in charge. These are her things to organize, re-arrange, store, or throw out.

Make an Outdoor Oasis

Yards, decks, and balconies can be neglected places. If this is true for your mom, then consider what it would take to revitalize her outdoor space. By making an outdoor space into something functional and comfortable, you’re effectively expanding your mom’s living space overall. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive project, either. All you have to do is think about the basics.

  • Consider adding comfort with new patio furniture or with furniture that is already on hand that could serve better in an outdoor space.
  • Think about wind and sun exposure as well as general climate in her area. Options such as a shade sail, awning, pergola, or a sun umbrella offer relief from the sun or rain.
  • Add privacy with hedges and privacy walls.
  • Make a new surface outside by adding deck tiles that you and your mom can install in a few hours.
  • Rearrange potted plants, furniture, tables, and outdoor cookware

Revamped a Room

Sometimes moms with grown children have an empty room, maybe where your Backstreet Boys posters once hung? With that in mind, maybe it’s time for a re-fit, with you as your mom’s hired hand to help her create a room dedicated to her hobbies, or even just a space to sit and just be. What’s your Mom into these days? Is she an avid reader, a practitioner of yoga, a blogger, a movie buff, or a craft nut? Is she all of those? Well, thinking about your Mom’s interests and personality is one way to plan a room around her needs.

Think about what’s already in the spare room that might play into its new role as your mom’s indoor sanctuary.  Consider what pieces of furniture, art work, accessories, equipment, storage units, and other elements that might be in other rooms of your mom’s house. Consult with her on which ones could simply be moved into her new room to help it become what she wants it to be. Ask her about the items that she could live without in order to clear the space for its new function in her home. Be her resource in re-inventing a room that she can treasure as a place within a place that she can call her own.

Reinvention the Bathroom

Speaking of indoor sanctuaries, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to time on one’s own, comfort, and a sense of the luxurious. But, bathrooms are also often the most likely room to go out of style, or fall out of step with the lifestyles of those who use them. Sometimes when it comes to older moms, issues of safety and mobility need to be addressed in bathrooms as well.

For this kind of project, sometimes getting in touch with a professional bathroom installer can be a good beginning of a journey to assess how big the project is likely to be. Maybe a conversation between you and your mom about her priorities and her evolving needs in her bathroom might be the best first step to take. Of course, she will have her own ideas about the look and feel of a new bathroom too; new tile, backsplashes, cabinetry, fixtures, and more. However you can provide another important role when it comes to a major remodeling project; a soundboard for her ideas!

No matter what the project, large or small, the main idea to be found in all of these suggestions is this; it’s about quality time with your mom. Collaborating with your mom on a project to make her home more comfortable and more suitable to her personality and lifestyle is a great way to connect yourself to her life. If you get a great result out of a project then great, but it’s that time spent bonding with your mom and creating memories that you can cherish beyond the project.

On what projects have you already collaborated with your Mom? What was it? What were the results and memories connected to it? Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.

Author bio: Rob Jones is a writer, music fan, dad, and Editor-In-Chief of publications at BuildDirect. He visits his mother, who is also a writer, regularly.