Painting in the Summer Heat

Your feet are sizzling on the pavement and the sun is beating down on your face. Summer is coming and for a lot of people, that means vacations are, too. If you’ve decided to use your vacation to get things in order in your home, you might be contemplating painting.

Exterior Painting

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Exterior painting can be tricky but not impossible during the summer. The best temperature to paint is around 70 degrees with 50% humidity, but since you can’t control the weather, here are some tips for planning your summer paint job are:

  • Paint in the early mornings or late evenings when the temperatures are cooler. At some point in the painting process, you may have to go on the roof. Make sure you head up there first thing in the morning as roof shingles can get very hot in the sun.
  • Don’t paint when it’s windy because dust and debris can stick to wet paint.
  • Don’t paint after or before its going to rain. The temperatures may be cooler, but the rain will ruin your finish.
  • Don’t paint in direct sunlight. The quality of the paint job depends on surface temperature, not just the air. Surfaces in direct sunlight can be 10 to 15 degrees hotter.
  • Surface preparation is the most important in summer months. Somers painters recommend that surface prep should take as long as the paint job.
  • Follow shade around the house so you are not painting the hottest, most extreme areas.
  • Work strategically long days when it’s overcast. The more work you get done on these days, the less you have to do in the blazing sun.
  • Avoid the hottest days. The heat can cause the paint to dry too quickly, ruining the smoothness of the texture.
  • Use the best quality paints and materials. This ensures the best possible outcome. They are made for all weather.
  • Double the dry time in hot and humid weather before the applying the second coat because if you paint too soon, the first coat could peel off as you use the roller due to the collection of moisture underneath the first coat.

When painting the exterior of your house, keep an eye on the forecast, especially in the summer months. The heat can not only damage your new paint job, but it can also dehydrate you pretty quickly. So, remember to drink plenty of water when working outside as well. Happy painting!

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  1. Painting in the summer heat can be uncomfortable. And, before you start, you need to make sure you are doing things right, so you don’t have to do it all over again. Whether you are painting your window frames, or any other exterior of your home, following the tips in this article provide you with all the information you need to do a great job.

  2. To maximize job longevity and minimize the prospect paint may dry out too quick while not properly hardening, painters shouldn’t paint in direct daylight throughout hottest part of noontide.

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